SocialRae Lil Black Wiki, Biography, Age, Boyfriend and Net Worth

Rae Lil Black Wiki, Biography, Age, Boyfriend and Net Worth

Rae Lil Black Wiki Net Worth Bio Boyfriend

If you are on Instagram or any popular social media, chances are you have already come across Rae Lil Black. She is a popular Japanese-American Instagram star and a model with around a million followers. Well, Rae is not just an Instagram model with million followers, here is what you should know about Rae Lil Black.


Besides being a popular Instagram model, Rae Lil Black is a social media influencer and entrepreneur as well. She is also renowned for her online game streaming and pranks or challenges video on her YouTube Channel. Besides, she has modeled for several Japanese and American Brands and is also into the adult industry. 

Wiki and Bio

Rae Lil Black, nicknamed Rae was born on 17th August 1996 which makes her 24 years old by now. She was born and raised in Osaka, Japan. The name of her father was Daichi Tama Matsuzawa and her mother’s name was Ai Den Matsuzawa. As per media reports, her parents were actually killed by the Yakusa when she was just 8 years old. She was the only daughter of her parents. 

Later, Rae was adopted by an American couple and was named Joseph Peter Cooper, which is why she connects to America. She moved to the United States and completed her education in Los Angeles at Pepperdine University. 

Well, along with studies she was also into different curricular activities including Kickboxing, Sanshou, martial arts, Savate, and Lethwei. It was after completion of her education when she stepped into the adult industry and later became renowned as a Youtuber. She comes from the Christian religion and belongs to the Zodiac Sign ‘Leo’.

Fitness and social media presence

Being a model and a social media influencer, she needs to maintain a good physique. But, as she was already into martial art and many other activities during her college days, she maintains a good fitness level always. Well, she is 5 ft 2 in tall weighing approximately 45kgs.

On the other hand, being a fit model, she is also into endorsements with partnerships with different renowned companies. Her Instagram is based on fashion and lifestyle which is why most of the brands she promotes include these categories. 

You can see many sponsored posts on her Instagram ID related to different products related to fitness and lifestyle. As per sources, she is also a fitness trainer besides being a social media star. 

Rae Lil Black Parents

Rae Lil Black Parents Murdered

Rae Lil Black’s past evokes a sense of curiosity in us just like any other celebrities’ past, and family background does. But did you know that Rae Lil Black had a rather traumatizing past? Yes, you heard it right.

Just when little Rae was about eight years old, her parents met a terrible fate- to be more specific; The Japanese actress and online media star Rae Lil Black’s parents were murdered brutally when she was extremely young. Reports suggest that the murder was planned by a ‘Japanese organized criminal group’ called “Yakuza”.

According to the investigations and reports, it has come to be known that Rae Lil Black’s biological father’s name was Daichi Tama Matsuzawa, and the name of her biological mother was Ai Den Matsuzawa.

Faced with this heart-breaking tragedy, helpless Rae Lil Black was left with no other option than to raise herself solely on her own. 

Rae Lil Black Parents Murdered Reddit

After the sudden and unfortunate death of her parents, she didn’t give away much as to how and when it happened- she chose not to be too expressive about the subject of her parents’ death; she kept it all to herself and remained silent for a few years. 

After a few years, she finally decided to beat the deadly depression and severe shock of her parent’s death and decided to pull herself up together! With that, she kept herself occupied in school and busied herself with her job.

After that, she was adopted by an American couple- Joseph Peter Cooper and Alice Mary Cooper. She left her home in Osaka, Japan, and moved to Nevada, Las Vegas, along with them. 

Net worth

Like other celebrities, Rae Lil Black leads a lavish lifestyle with multiple sources of income. Her acting in the adult industry brings millions as per some sources. But, as per the known facts, being an Instagram social media influencer with many sponsors and endorsements brings quite a hefty amount as a fitness expert and a model. 

On the other hand, being an active Youtuber with hundreds of thousands of views for every video is also quite a good income source to add to her net worth. As per the sources, her net worth is approximately around $1 million to $5 million. 

Interests and Boyfriend

Apart from her adult profession, Rae Lil Black often plays action and horror games by streaming online on YouTube. She is always successful in engaging the audience with her reaction to the ongoing gameplay. Besides, she has also uploaded her gaming character to her Instagram account. Her love and passion for gaming made her have a whole separate gaming studio in her home for just online streaming. 

As per the sources, she loves to be around people which is why her pranks and challenges videos often go viral on the internet. Furthermore, she is also a music lover and her Obituary is her favorite music band. She has also launched her official logo in August 2018. Additionally, she is a good drummer and has an interest in all kinds of music.

She never revealed her personal life on media, but as per the media reports, she is single now. She always remains occupied with her business as she is now working as a model for over 18+ brands. Some reports say that she underwent plastic surgery for a fit body, but most of the sources deny this as she was always active on social media. 

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