BlogWhat Channel Is ESPN+ On Dish? Find Out The Exact Channel Number!

What Channel Is ESPN+ On Dish? Find Out The Exact Channel Number!

Are you trying to catch the latest sports action on ESPN+ through your Dish subscription, but can’t seem to find the right channel? ESPN+ has reshaped how we consume live and on-demand sports, making it a must-have for enthusiasts.

Luckily, this article is here to guide you directly to the action without any hassle. Get ready for clear-cut instructions that’ll put you in front of your desired games in no time. Stay tuned!

ESPN+ on Dish TV: What Channel Is It?

ESPN+ can be found on channel number 140 in the DISH lineup, making it easily accessible to sports fans. It is a part of DISH’s sports channel package and is available in different DISH packages.

Channel number: 140

You’ll find ESPN on Dish on channel 140. This includes the regular ESPN network where you can catch all kinds of sports games and shows. If your DISH package has HD channels, you’ll even see everything in clear high definition.

Fans love it because ESPN+ brings live events and on-demand programs right to their screens. It’s part of Dish’s sports lineup that sports lovers really enjoy. To get in on this action, make sure your DISH plan has the ESPN channels.

For some, having access to ESPN+ means they need a specific add-on or a certain DISH package. Each package offers different things, so pick one that lets you watch what you love most about ESPN+.

Available in Different DISH Packages

ESPN+ finds its home on channel 140 with DISH and it’s wrapped up in various DISH packages. If you love sports, there’s a good chance the package you pick will have ESPN+. For those who want more than just the basics, add-ons are available to make sure ESPN+ is part of your lineup.

Getting access to ESPN+ means you can catch live games and shows that aren’t always on regular TV channels. The service provides exclusive content, including some pretty exciting live events.

And if your DISH package includes HD channels, then all this sports action comes through in crystal-clear high definition – making every game feel like a front-row experience!

Part of DISH’s Sports Channel Lineup

If you love sports, DISH Network has got you covered. ESPN+ shines among the stars in their lineup. It sits right there at channel 140, is easy to find, and is ready to deliver all the action.

Sports fans can dive into a variety of games and events without missing a beat. Whether it’s football frenzy or basketball brawls, this channel packs a punch for every enthusiast.

With DISH, your favorite matches come alive on your screen from the comfort of your home. So grab some snacks, kick back, and enjoy the thrill that ESPN+ brings to your living room – any day, any time!

How to Access ESPN+ on Dish

Subscribe to a DISH package that includes ESPN+ or use the DISH Anywhere app to watch it on the go. You can also consider alternate options like streaming services or ESPN’s standalone streaming service for access.

Subscribe to a DISH Package With ESPN

To access ESPN+ on Dish TV, you can subscribe to a DISH package that includes ESPN. This may involve choosing a specific sports package or an add-on that provides access to ESPN’s offerings, including ESPN+.

Once subscribed, viewers can enjoy live events and on-demand content available through ESPN+, enhancing their overall entertainment experience.

By opting for a DISH package with ESPN, subscribers gain access to a range of sports programming along with the added benefits of being able to watch ESPN+ content seamlessly through their Dish TV subscription.

Use The DISH Anywhere App

To access ESPN+ on Dish, subscribers can conveniently use the DISH Anywhere app. This app enables users to watch live events, on-demand content, and HD channels for ESPN+. With the DISH Anywhere app, subscribers can enjoy their favorite sports programming even while on the go through their smartphones, tablets, or streaming devices.

Additionally, the app allows easy access to ESPN+ content as part of their Dish TV subscription without being tied to their home television.

The DISH Anywhere app provides a seamless way for Dish TV customers to stay connected with ESPN+ across various devices. It offers flexibility and convenience by ensuring that viewers can catch up on sporting events wherever they may be.

Watch it on the go With DISH Anywhere

You can watch ESPN+ on the go with DISH Anywhere. This means you can access live events and on-demand programming from ESPN+ using your Dish TV subscription on various devices like smartphones, tablets, and streaming devices. Additionally, if your Dish TV package includes HD channels, you can enjoy ESPN+ in HD while on the move.

what channel is espn+ on dish

Alternate Options for Watching ESPN+ on Dish

Consider exploring streaming services like Sling TV or Hulu, as well as ESPN’s standalone streaming service for access to ESPN+ content on Dish. Want to know more about these alternate options? Keep reading to find out!

Streaming Services Like Sling TV or Hulu

You can also access ESPN+ through streaming services like Sling TV or Hulu. These platforms offer the flexibility to watch ESPN+ on various devices, making it convenient for sports lovers to catch their favorite games anytime, anywhere.

Whether you prefer live TV or on-demand content, these streaming services give you the freedom to enjoy ESPN+ without the need for a traditional cable subscription. With Sling TV or Hulu, accessing ESPN+ becomes seamless and adaptable to your lifestyle.

ESPN’s Standalone Streaming Service

ESPN+ is a streaming service that provides access to exclusive sports content, live events, original shows, and on-demand programming. It’s available as a standalone subscription without requiring a Dish TV package.

With ESPN+, viewers can enjoy an array of sports content including UFC, Top Rank Boxing, college sports, soccer, and more. Subscribing to ESPN+ gives users the flexibility to watch their favorite sports on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

Subscribers also get access to additional premium articles and fantasy tools from the app. ESPN+ offers an affordable way for sports fans to dive into their favorite games and catch up on highlights at their convenience.

Consider Switching to a Different Provider With ESPN+

You might want to think about changing your TV provider if ESPN+ is important to you. Some other providers offer ESPN+ as part of their packages, so it could be worth exploring those options. Remember, ESPN+ is a standalone streaming service too, so even without a Dish TV subscription, you can still subscribe directly to ESPN+.


ESPN+ on Dish TV is on channel 140. It’s part of various DISH packages and the sports channel lineup. To watch it, subscribers can use the DISH Anywhere app or consider streaming services like Sling TV or Hulu.

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