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Four Easy Steps to Make a YouTube Video with Pictures

Videos are undoubtedly one of the best ways to educate, inform, and celebrate an occasion. When a video plays with the music, it automatically captivates us. This proves why most people prefer watching videos over any other mode of information for even the smallest tasks.

However, creating a full-fledged professional-looking video requires a bit of planning, especially when you are using it as part of your YouTube marketing strategy. It takes years of practice and hard work to create a video from scratch that looks professional and has absolutely no issues.

But what if we told you that there is a way to make a professional-looking video quickly, for which you don’t even need a raw video in the first place? Well, with the help of photos, you can create amazing videos for your YouTube channel in no time. In this article, we will show you how easy it is to make videos with the help of picture video maker from online video-making platforms. 

Things to keep in mind before you make a video using pictures

These tips are not going to teach you how to make a video using the pictures you have, but they can help cut your editing time and make the whole video creation process a lot smoother. 

1 Choose the right software

One of the first things you need to incorporate in your YouTube marketing strategy is choosing the right software for creating and editing your videos. There are tons of online and offline software programs that come with all the tools you need. However, it is essential to find the one that matches your requirements in terms of usability, digital interface, and easy navigation.

2 Invest in good hardware

We are not telling you to go all out and buy yourself a Mac or a high-end graphics card. It is possible to work with the computer you currently use. What is more important is to know whether it has the required processing power and the ability to handle the video rendering. If there is no lag during your work due to the hardware, it helps you stay focused on the workflow, and the editing process can be wrapped up in a short time. No matter which YouTube movie maker you use, you still need a good PC system to work on and create videos. 

3 Choose images wisely

When you are making a video using pictures, it is important to be careful about the aspect ratio of the pictures that you choose. If you are going with a horizontal-oriented video, then make sure you select only those photos that you have taken horizontally. If there are some vertical shots that you want to add to the video, you can change its aspect ratio and make it fit the horizontal dimension. 

4 Stick to the 321 rule

No matter which picture video maker you are using, always practice the 321 rule while editing a video. This essentially means keep three copies of every video, render, and other media files you create. Here’s how it works: keep these three copies in at least two different locations, so even if one of the hard drives gets corrupted, you can retrieve the same video from the other storage where it is already saved.  

5 Create a story

Don’t just make any video with no story, especially if you have already seen a similar video on YouTube focused on your niche. You will find that most of them follow some story or script. This gives the viewer a better idea of the topic or the message of the video. To do this effectively, go beyond the basics of creating a YouTube video and think of yourself as a viewer instead of a video creator. Use both your technical and practical knowledge to create a story instead of adding in the photos one after the other to make a video. 

Our top 4 steps to make a YouTube video using pictures

Now that you know these essential tips to keep in mind when making a video, let’s learn how to create a video using just the pictures and YouTube movie maker in 4 quick and easy steps. 

Step – 1: Add the photos and the music in the software

One of the first things you need to do is add the photos and the music you want for your video in the software you have chosen. If we have to look for the best and easiest tools to create videos with photos, then InVideo is our number one pick. First,  begin by visiting the website and sign in or create an account on the video platform. Once you are logged in, you can upload the photos from your hard drive to the cloud storage. Also, you can upload the music you want or choose the music from the tons of samples that are available on the website for free. 

Step – 2: Add pictures strategically on the video timeline

Now that the photos are uploaded to the software, you need to put them in the video timeline, but make sure they are not placed in random order. When adding the photos to the timeline, follow an order by which the photos can depict a story for your viewers.

Step – 3: Select transition effects

When making a video using the photos, you need to be precise about the succession of photos. A great video will always have a smooth transition of images. To make the transition from one photo to the next, you can add the transition effect with just one click. This feature is already present in many picture video makers that you can find online.

Step – 4: Add text and save

While using a YouTube movie maker, you can easily add text to your videos to make them self-explanatory. Make sure that the text color is in a contrasting color with the background of the video so that it is easy for a viewer to read while watching the video. Once the video is made, save it in the format that supports your requirement; if you create a video for YouTube, the best format is Mp4.

Wrapping Up

These were the four easy steps to make a YouTube video using just the pictures. You can make tons of videos using this method, and indeed, if you are good at it, eventually, your channel will grow. 

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