MarketingMake Your Communication Perfect with an Email Client - EssentialPIM 

Make Your Communication Perfect with an Email Client – EssentialPIM 

Life is not always perfect for everybody. We all have to juggle multiple tasks, and communication plays a vital part here. Email serves as an ideal platform to communicate with your clients, vendors, business partners, or employees in today's modern era. It also provides security and stores correspondence for future use. For multitasking, you must also be prepared for a few errors accompanied by efficiency, and you may often end up messing with essential appointments or dates. It is where an efficient email client hops in and plays its role.

EssentialPIM, with its supported IMAP, POP, Exchange protocols and PGP encryption, provides an engaging mail module that is safe to use. Moreover, with its quality of maintaining control over daily tasks or appointments along with contacts and passwords, it provides you an extra hand towards productivity.

Read further to know how to make your communication perfect and make your life more organized. 


Email management seems easy unless you are a business person and must maintain multiple email accounts to keep in touch with vendors, clients, employees, or other business people. It may keep you occupied for the whole day, and you are at risk of missing the crucial messages. EssentialPIM lets you see all your emails in a single place with a practical email module.   

In case of restricted connectivity, it lets you keep a tab over your emails even in an offline mode. If you send emails having similar subjects, EssentialPIM provides you with the benefit of saving the last ten subjects so you can use them later. You can view your emails in different views by choosing the suitable one from the layout menu.

Your essential emails are sorted and filtered so you can find mails from specific senders and with specific attributes easily. Its integration with the built-in Contacts module gives an easy hold on sending newsletters and messages directly to your contacts.

The advanced filtering option lets you go through a drop-down list to find specific emails. There’s also a convert option to transform your email into appointments, tasks, and notes to meet your requirements. 


If you love to work on numerous activities and keep your schedule on the right track to make the most of your day, then the Calendar module in EssentialPIM can help you out. You can look for your upcoming schedule as days, weeks, months, years or an agenda view. If you wish to display some specific calendars or categories, you can alter the view as per your preferences. You can schedule any necessary appointment through EssentialPIM and expect timely reminders, so you do not miss them.  


EssentialPIM lets you manage your tasks orderly throughout the day so you can make the most of your time. There is a start and due date/time option for you to limit your co-workers and employees to keep a tab on their efficiency. Each task has a percentage to show the degree of completion to manage your productivity well. 

If you cannot complete any task on a particular day, it gets shifted to the next day, and the process continues until you finish the job. You can also leave essential instructions, so your co-workers or employees know what needs to be done in your absence. 

You can view the tasks in various views such as Plain, Tree, Kanban board, etc. You can also convert any task into an appointment or note as per your work.


If you are in the habit of meeting new people every alternate day, then the Contacts module of EssentialPIM can help you store numerous contacts safely. You can add details like name, address, email, contact no., and other personal information to use later on to search for a specific contact. It also assists you with sending newsletters directly to contacts. With this, you can group particular contacts per category like Personal, business, etc., to declutter your communications.


Suppose you are fond of jotting down important points while in a meeting you must be aware of the risk of them getting lost at any given time. But with the Notes module in EssentialPIM, you can make notes so they never fall into the wrong hands. 

You can set the privacy of your notes to public or private as per the sensitivity of your data. It will help you out, mainly if you use shared systems. There is also an availability to create sticky notes for any information you need to look at right before leaving for an important event. Additionally, if you have more than one sticky note, you can group them to find them on your desktop screen at any time.

With the Notes module, you can always convert any of your notes to tasks or appointments as per your preference. There is a simple drag and drop facility to arrange your notes in a hierarchy or alter their structure as per your work.


EssentialPIM provides users with an efficient password management tool to store various passwords. You can also generate new passwords by making use of defined patterns. If you have saved any password, you can auto-type it into any web form with a single click.   

Why Choose EssentialPIM?

EssentialPIM provides cloud integration to avail your data everywhere you go. You do not have to carry your laptop each time you travel to distant places; instead, you can also store the software in a flash drive. There is a synchronization facility with superior cloud services such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google, etc., and EPIM Cloud. 

EssentialPIM comes as a free trial version, wherein you can use it for free for 30 days. After the expiry of this period, you can purchase a license to utilize the software with added features.

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