- View Story Anonymously Without An Account! – View Story Anonymously Without An Account!

When you search for a method to view Instagram Stories anonymously on the Internet, you find several tools; InstaSave is one of them. InstaSave is an online tool that lets users view someone’s Story on Instagram without letting them know. And in this article, we will share an honest InstaSave Tool Review and How this tool works? Here is how you can watch someone’s Instagram Story without being seen with InstaSave. We have included a complete instruction tutorial to watch Instagram Stories anonymously.

InstaSave Tool Review –

For users who don’t know about this tool, let me introduce this tool to you. InstaSave is an online Instagram Story viewer tool that enables a user to view Instagram Story of any profile without being seen. I have used this tool a few times, and my experience was great. Here, I am sharing my experience with the tool; let’s move on to what I liked the most about the tool.

User Interface

The feature that I liked the most was its User-interface. The tool did not disappoint me with it, as it claims to have a user-friendly interface. When you visit the official website of the tool, you get a clean and organized Home Page where you can see a Search Bar. Below the search bar, you can see a list of features provided by the tool. Next, you will get a list of FAQs related to this tool. So, if you have any doubts about the InstaSave tool, you can check the FAQs section. To use this tool to watch someone’s Story anonymously on Instagram, you just need the username of that profile. Rest, the tool will do. You can search for a username, and the tool will let you see the Instagram Stories of that user anonymously.

Extra Features

When you use other Instagram Story viewer tools, most of the tools only let you view the stories. But InstaSave not only lets you see Stories and Highlights anonymously but also lets you download them.

Free To Use

The best thing is that InstaSave is free to use. That means you don’t have to spend money to enjoy the service to anonymously watch Instagram Stories. There are so many tools that ask for a subscription for this service, but not all users can pay for it. So, in my opinion, InstaSave is the best tool to use if you want to anonymously watch someone’s Instagram Story for free.

Safe And Secure

InstaSave did not disappoint me again in terms of security. Although the tool is free to use, it offers complete security to the users. Unlike other free Instagram Story viewer tools, InstaSave ensures full security of the users with SSL technology. And this is what impressed me the most.

How InstaSave Works

Watching someone’s Story on Instagram without being seen is easy and effortless. You can easily see someone’s Instagram Story anonymously with InstaSave. Now, let’s discuss How this tool works. When you visit the official InstaSave website (, you see a Search Bar there. To search for a profile, you will require the username of that profile. You can go to your Instagram App and then check the username of the profile whose Story you want to see anonymously. Then, enter that username in the InstaSave Search Bar.

The tool will then take you to a new page where you can see the Profile Info with Stories and Highlights tab. You can choose and click on a tab, according to your choice. To view a Story, you will have to click on the cover picture. And as mentioned above, InstaSave also lets you download Instagram Stories; you can download them by clicking on the Download button, given in the middle of the cover picture of the Story. The tool will download and save the photo or video in your gallery.


So, this was the InstaSave Tool Review and How This Tool Works? I hope this article will help you to clear the doubts puzzling your mind about this tool. We used the tool and found it excellent as it offers premium features like SSL-enabled security for free. Plus, you can view Instagram Stories anonymously and download them too. If you wonder how this tool works? We have a solution for you, read the article, and you will learn a lot about InstaSave and how it works.

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