HowToHow to Clear a Blocked Bathroom Strip Drain

How to Clear a Blocked Bathroom Strip Drain

One of the most frequent things that clog bathroom strip drains is hair. Your shower drain can be cleared fast using a few simple methods.  E Industrial Engineering individuals employ potent chemical cleansers to fix bathroom drain troubles. Other alternatives for drain cleaning, however, are significantly less damaging to your pipes.

To start, straighten the body of a string coat hanger and twist the hook so that it fits into the drain. Spread a paperclip out after that. Don a pair of rubber gloves, then unplug the drain strainer if required. Take any hair from the shower drain’s tip with your hands and throw it away.

Once the sink is about four inches filled and the clogged drain begins to gradually clear, turn on the shower. Put a plunger in the shower drain. The hair will be closer to the drain’s tip as a result, making removal easier. The remaining water should be poured down the drain. Use your fingertips to remove any hair from the area close to the drain’s top.

Bring the hanger.

Insert the coat hook’s hook end into the shower drain. To remove any hairs that may have entered the drain opening, move it around. Hair should be cut off and thrown away. A second or third time, replace the hanger in the drain, but this time, carefully push it as far as it can go before letting go. Turn or move the hanger in a clockwise way to catch some hair. Hair that has been stuck to the hanger should be removed.

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Employ the paperclip.

If feasible, simply use a paperclip to remove any hair that has become lodged on the peak of the shower drain or strainer. If the shower drain is already clogged, flush a cup of baking soda down the sewer. After two minutes, flush a cup of vinegar down the toilet. To stop the vinegar from escaping after pouring, block the drain with a towel or stopper.

After 20 minutes, flush a sizable amount of hot water down the drain to check if the obstruction has been cleared.

If it doesn’t work, remove the drain cover by releasing the bolt in the centre of the cover or by prying it off with a flat-end screwdriver. After removing the lid, look for the obstruction in the drain using a flashlight. Detecting the blockage and removing it with the hanger if it is within reach. Use a tiny plunger to remove the obstruction if you can’t see the obstruction.

The Drainage Shower Base

If water is permitted soapy films may form, and stand around the shower base, making the surface slippery. The foundation must therefore be built with a downward slope toward the drainage.

The slope is typically built into a prefabricated shower base. You must build the shower foundation if you’re building a shower stall from scratch.

To stop water from leaking beneath the base and harming the floor, you should firmly fasten the drain strainer to the base.

Conclusion:- If the clog persists after these measures, it is best to contact a local plumber to address the serious problem. Just regularly pour the cleanser down the drain. Cleaners with enzyme bases can be used in pipes without risk and consume the obstruction.

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