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How to Create a Senior Living Space That Feels Like Home

Helping your loved one move into an assisted living facility can be an emotional time for everyone involved. You will have to help them downsize as the communal areas of the facility will already be furnished. This means there will be a lot of belongings and memories to store or donate before they can move in. However, with a little forethought, you can help them to create a senior living space that feels like home. 


Before you move your loved one into an assisted living facility, try to look around and see if they would feel at home there. For example, research assisted living Melrose Park IL and arrange a visit. Most will be happy to let you view the facility before you move your loved one in, and you can see if it would be suitable for them or not. If the facility has a comfortable atmosphere, then your loved one is more likely to settle in quickly and it will soon feel like home to them. 


Photos of friends and family can make anywhere feel like home so make sure you pack plenty of these. Place their favorite photos in frames that you can put around their bedroom and the others can be put into photo albums. Download some recent photos if you have some so that they have lots of up-to-date photos to take with them. 


There are some things that just can’t be parted with such as trinkets or ornaments that may have been collected over a lot of years. Take their favorites and place them where they can be seen easily. These familiar treasures will make your loved one feel at home once they have moved in. 


Your loved one may have a new bed that could take them a while to get used to but as long as they have their own linen that is familiar and comfortable then the space will feel like home. Things such as bed linen and towels will be a huge comfort to them, especially in the first few days, and it will help them settle in well. 

New Furniture

It might be necessary to buy some new furniture before your loved one moves in as the dimensions of their new home are likely to be different from their old home. They will probably have less space and trying to cram in furniture that is too big will make them feel as if they don’t fit in any more than their furniture does. Buy some things that you know they will love in their favoritecolors to make them feel more at home. 

Furniture with dual use can be an innovative idea in a small space. For example, hollow seating that can be used as storage will make the room feel less cluttered and help them to relax. 

Follow this guide and you will be able to create a space that your loved one will adore. This will help them to feel at home quickly and stop you all from worrying. 

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