BusinessLeaked EU document leading to big changes for Apple's App Store, Messages,...

Leaked EU document leading to big changes for Apple’s App Store, Messages, FaceTime, and more

A leaked proposal of the European Union's Digital Markets Act may oblige Apple to make changes to the Netherlands Uk EU apple app Storemueller App Store, Messages, FaceTime, third-party browsers, and Siri.

The EU wants to implement changes that will significantly affect how software companies like Apple will have to manage their products, apps, and services in the Netherlands, the UK, and other EU Countries, particularly with regard to “gatekeeping”. 

The Digital Markets Act's earlier reports outlined guidelines for major digital firms. According to these regulations, businesses had to make sure that all apps could be uninstalled, share metrics with rival companies, and refrain from promoting their own applications and products. Companies that violate these regulations may be subject to severe penalties, up to 10% of their annual global revenue, or even mandatory disinvestment.

According to Florian Mueller of Netherlands UK EU App Storemueller Fosspatents, one of the main points of the DMA is to try and make some big changes to the App Store. This would include things like letting users download apps from other websites or app stores and letting developers use different payment systems within their apps. The document also suggests making changes that would help improve browser engine gatekeeping and platform interoperability.

The Netherlands Uk EU Apple App Storemueller reports strengthen existing clauses that forbid businesses from pressuring developers to choose a specific browser engine. This modification is probably made in response to Apple‘s demand that all browsers working on iOS and iPadOS make use of WebKit. As a result, third-party browsers like Chrome, Edge, Brave, and Opera would be able to transition from utilising WebKit to Chromium.

Should Apple keep blocking competing browser engines from iOS?

Companies will need to make sure that their reports Uk EU Apple App Storemueller messaging, audio, and video calling apps and services function with competing providers in order to comply with new interoperability requirements. This will also include end-to-end encryption. Although it is not yet apparent how much alteration Apple will need to make to its services, iMessage and FaceTime may be affected by the DMA's requirements.

Various provisions for modifying virtual assistants like Siri have also been included in the DMA. This implies that you will have the choice to switch from the default virtual assistant to a third-party alternative when using a virtual assistant for the first time. When showing ranks or search results, firms are prohibited by other DMA changes from favoring their own apps and services.

The DMA was adopted by EU lawmakers in March. The European Parliament and Council would then adopt the final document after its imminent publication. The DMA should go into effect in October, said Margrethe Vestager, who oversees digital competition for European Countries.

This week, the European Parliament passed a new regulation requiring Apple to include a USB-C port on every iPhone, iPad, and pair of AirPods sold in Europe.

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