HowTofile:///sdcard : How to use any mobile browser to browse SD card files?

file:///sdcard : How to use any mobile browser to browse SD card files?

File manager is essential on your phone. The gallery app on android helps see all images and videos in one place. But you will get different kinds of methods for getting access to the content. Numerous images and videos might not be showing up in the gallery due to some restrictions. In case you want to access a document, music, file, or any other kind of file on android without the file manager app, then you will have to consider certain methods. 

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Accessing the storage files without the file manager 

• For browsing and accessing the files from the file ///sdcard/ index without the file manager, you will have to just open Google Chrome or any other browser that is on your mobile or the device. 

• Type the command file:///sdcard/ in the address bar

• Directory structure will be available with plenty of the options 

• You will have to navigate to the desired folder to see the contents that you have within it. It is safe for just opening a variety of the files directly on the browser, from the mp3 files to the jpg images and the documents. 

Browsing the Android file ///sdcard/

• go to ‘My Computer.’ There the SD card shows up as a ‘Removable Disk.’ A basic system will appear with the hard drive, and one CD/DVD drive shows up on the E:/ drive. In the case of changed hard drive or added drives, do a little more searching.

• double-click the drive after finding it, and you’ll be in it.

• What you will have to do is just add and delete files. Do that by dragging and dropping. For this process, you can also highlight the file and hit ‘Delete.’ 

• Unmount Android SD card:

• locate the drive in Windows Explorer.

• Right-click drive 

• click ‘Eject.’ 

• Navigate to Android device access the notifications bar

• click ‘Turn off USB Storage.’

• alert pop up with the remark ‘Make sure you have unconnected from the USB host.’ 

• Click ‘Turn Off’ to eject. 

• unplug your Android device. 

Highlight on the limitations of this method 

Though the method comes with limitations, it is an easy way to get access to the browsing of file:///sdcard/ files without the requirement of any file manager. The files will be available to you in the read-only mode. That said, you cannot copy, move or delete the files within this location from the files system. You can’t even get the option for renaming the files and folders. 

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The tutorial is just limited to browsing the file system while giving some common file types directly on the browser. Some of the files of the system might not be accessible when you’re using this step. The root directory or other important locations might not be accessible. In case you are going to open any kind of unsupported file type, the file gets downloaded locally to the Downloads folder on the device. Sometimes it may take a lot of space on your device. 

Final words

There are limitations that you can get when you’re trying the process. However, the easy access to the content here ensures that there won’t be additional hassles. The performance might not always be equally good on all kinds of browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera. Just in case you cannot use the tutorial, then you can go with allowing the file system permission for Google Chrome or the browser that you are planning to use.

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