TechMost Awaited Updates With The Archives of Nethys Hosting

Most Awaited Updates With The Archives of Nethys Hosting

Pathfinder is one of the most popular fantasy Role-playing games (RPG) with engaging adventures and unlimited character options. The game takes place in a fantasy land called Galarion where the story unfolds with the chosen character. With the high level of character customization, compelling visuals, and engaging tasks, it is, by all means, the favorite choice of most gamers out there.

Now, the Archives of Nethys is the official source for hosting the Pathfinder rules which bring in tons of new options besides a faster performance. It is an online database and is now the official source for hosting the Pathfinder rules. Thus, you can now expect a new set of rules with improved performance and some tweaks in animations and controls as well.

All the new updates and changes with new hosting services

Now that Archive of Nethys is hosting Pathfinder, here is some information about the upcoming updates meant to enhance the entire gaming experience to a whole new level.

  • Updated Search Engine: – The search engine has been updated to a great extent with increased potential to simplify the efforts of the users. Those new advancements are done using the code and design from the 2E site. Thus, the search results will now be sorted in the order of relevance based on the preference of the users. 

With this update, now the results will be called out on the top which means you won’t need to scroll down anymore. Besides, there are some overall improvements to the search engine to speed up the performance and thus make the results appear faster than before.

Although there are few bugs in the speed and performance of the search engine, the developers and hosting services are trying their best to resolve the issues from this bug. The main possible reason behind this bug is the changes in the architecture between 1e and 2e databases.

The result of this bug is that you may find the same results repeatedly appearing after searching for content. 

  • New GM screen: – With the new update, you can find a new GM Screen section added to the new Rules. So, all useful rules are now contained in one place. One can go through the new set of rules at ease to ensure a smooth gaming experience. Besides, you can also add some suggestions for other sections that can improve your game making the controls handy.
  • Page headers: – Now, the page headers of every page in the game are adjusted to make it more user-friendly. As a result, now you can see the specific details at first followed by the general options which are less relevant to your needs at last. 
  • Meta tags: – With the latest update, you can see the meta tags added to every page. These help in improving search engine recognition thus speeding up the search engine results. Additionally, this option enables the users to see more detail when a page is linked to services like Discord.
  • New Style Feat: – The style feat page is now redesigned with some incredible tweaks thus bringing all the customizable options to your fingertips. 
  • Fresh Combat Stamina Page: – Now, you can see all the uses of Combat Stamina without surfing around the options present in the game. The new page features all the uses of Combat Stamina in one place with proper organization.
  • Monster stat blocks: – With the new update, you can now see the family info similar to the 2E site design. You can find all this information on the page.
  • Animal companion and Arcanist Exploits: – You might be familiar with the Arcanist Exploits and Animal Companion pages in Pathfinder. With this update, these pages are not adjusted to replace the button logic exploits in one page. Additionally, companions are broken out across various pages varying with the companion type you choose as per your preference.
  • Spell Definitions and Apocryphal Sub-domains: – Now you can see all the details of schools, sub-schools, and descriptions on one page with the added Spell Definitions page. Furthermore, the information of Apocryphal sub-domains is now visible in Deities and Domains pages.

Both the developers and hosting services are trying their best to provide the best experience to the Pathfinder users with this update. As a result, they are correcting every bug and error that appears in the feedback section from the users.

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