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How Late Is The Closest Grocery Store Open? Is It Open For 24 Hours?

Having a hectic schedule leaves no time for shopping. So, you should check the timings before visiting, especially at night. The timing of a grocery store differs from place to place and you can simply search for a grocery store near me on Google Maps to find out the stores that are opened right now around you. If you want to know how late a store remains open, then this article is for you. More than 50% of the people don’t know the grocery store the open time of the stores available in their area. It is annoying that you visit to buy groceries but the store is closed. Being hungry at that time adds moons to your frustration. In this article, you will learn the timings of different grocery stores. 

What Is A Grocery Store?

A store where you can buy items of daily needs like food products, household items, and many more. Grocery stores are now a part of everyone’s weekly schedule. Instead of visiting a physical store for grocery shopping, you can now buy it online. You will find various apps that fulfill the same purpose. Use these apps to order groceries and receive them at your doorstep.

How Does Convenience Store Different From Grocery Stores? 

From a grocery store, you can buy all kinds of household items and edibles. In the big grocery shops, you will find wheeled carriages. You can use it to keep things while shopping. In small shops, you can find all the necessary things easily. In inconvenience stores, there are only a couple of products available for urgent needs. Also, the facility of wheel carriages is not available in these stores. 

Which One Is Better: Grocery or Convenience Store 

Visiting a grocery store to buy edibles and daily-use items is better. As there are many shops available nearby your house. Also going to a physical store is more satisfactory. You can check the quality before purchasing. People don’t trust the items they purchase through online stores.  Also, as the scams are now increasing in online shopping. So, buying from a grocery store is better. Before visiting a physical store make sure it is open. So now let’s learn: 

How Late Can You Shop From the Grocery Store? 

There is no definite answer for this. As it differs according to different locations. Some work for fixed hours whereas others work according to their situation. In small towns grocery stores usually remain open till late at night. So, you can do shopping at night as well. Most such stores are located in suburban areas. Stores like Walmart remain open till 7:00 p.m. Whereas Trader Joe’s remains open till 6:00 p.m. only. 

Some stores remain open all day and close in the evening. Some stores remain open all night and day. Most stores remain open from 6-10 p.m every day. Only a few remain open till 11:00 p.m. Before visiting check the opening hours of the grocery store, this will save your time. If you want to shop on Sunday, then you must check the status of how long the local grocery store is open on Sundays. As most of the stores remain closed on Sunday. On weekends stores remain open for 6 hours only. As the timing differs, for instance in the USA, generally grocery stores remain open till Midnight. But in some countries like India, most stores close by 10:00 p.m. 

If you want to confirm if the store is open or not, then you should call your nearest grocery store. Else you can check their website. The opening hours are definitely mentioned on the websites. You can now use Google Maps as well for the same. Driving a long way to get groceries is not a good idea. Check the timing of the grocery store and then set your shopping schedule accordingly. Much better option. Let’s discuss the timing of different markets in detail.


Supermarkets usually remain open for specific hours. Many of them remain open from 6:00 a.m. in the morning to 10:00 p.m. at night except on Sunday. Some of the supermarkets remain open for 24 hours. So, supermarkets are quite convenient for shopping the groceries.

Local Market

Local markets are nearest to your home, knowing how late a grocery store remains open will help you in shopping with ease. So, these markets remain open till 9:00 p.m. at night and you can shop accordingly in them. 

Local Stores (Grocery)

These stores usually remain closed on Sunday. But sometimes they are open on other holidays. Hence, it is very important to confirm if they are open or not before visiting, to save your time. Also, they work till 10 p.m. If you have a really tight schedule then you should prefer purchasing from 24*7 stores. No need to be worried about checking the opening hours.

Best Apps To Buy Groceries 

If you want to buy groceries online, then you can order them on the app. There are many apps built for this purpose. For example, in many countries, say the United States, has many apps that deliver grocery items to the doorstep. Below we have mentioned some of the best grocery delivery apps in the United States that you can download to get groceries delivered at your home.

  • Walmart Inc.
  • The Kroger Co.
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Publix Super Markets Inc.
  • Wakefern Food Corp.
  • Aldi Inc.

Some other apps are Spencer’s, Target, Albertsons, Meijer, etc. You can also download the app of the store you want to use. Add your Pin Code and other required details, search and select the items you need, enter your address, and order items that you need with your finger tips. 

What Can I Purchase From A Grocery Store?

You can purchase various household items and edibles. Following items are usually available in a grocery store:

  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Seafood and Meat
  • Staples like bread, corn, and so on. 
  • Frozen bites, and desserts
  • Flour, rice, and other healthy edibles.

Final Note 

So now you know that most of the stores are open from 6 to 11 p.m. Although some remain open 24 hours but are off on Sundays. Basically no one can mention a fixed time, it varies according to the place and situation. In order to check if your nearest store is open or not, you can check it through Google Maps or contact the manager of the grocery store.

Else you can check the website of your nearest store. In order to check their operating timings. Small grocery stores sometimes remain closed unexpectedly due to some reasons. It’s better to shop from a store that is open 24*7 to save your time. If you know anything more about how late is the grocery store open that we have mentioned on this page, then let us know about it.

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