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A Guide to Planning Your Loft Conversion

It is always wise to have a plan before kickstarting any extension or conversion project on your property. A good plan should include what you intend to use the loft for and will help guide you when coming up with a budget. This plan will also help you zero in on the perfect designs that will match your requirements.

Sometimes people ignore the need for proper planning, especially when doing conversion projects. This can be harmful as poor workmanship or designs can affect the look and resale value of your property. If you’re planning to carry out a loft conversion project, here are some handy pointers you should consider.

Get Inspired 

Excellent architectural designs on your loft can transform the overall look of your home or property. This can also improve the resale value of your property. Finding the right design can sometimes be challenging.

However, you can search for designs on the internet. Besides that, you can also consult an architect for a professional take. It is vital to remember that you shouldn’t limit your sources of inspiration. YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram are some of the places where you can get ideas from. One good thing about these platforms is that you can easily replicate the ideas.

Consult a Professional

Some people ignore the need for hiring an architect or construction consultant whenever they are undertaking small projects. Professionals such as Humphreysandsons can be the difference between a standout feature and a regular or shoddy job. They will also ensure that you get value for the money spent hiring them.

Other than helping you come up with design ideas, a professional will help ensure that the project targets or deadlines are matched. Some architects offer to make follow-ups on the project’s progress to ensure that it matches what you need. 

Set Your Budget 

When it comes to project planning, finances are a very important subject. You need to ensure that you have your budget set well in advance to avoid stalling the project. A construction consultant can help you come up with the project’s budget. 

Some factors such as design may affect the overall cost of the project. A construction consultant can help you make price estimates on materials required, labor costs, and other miscellaneous expenses. Also worth noting, make sure you have some cash set aside in case the budget goes beyond the estimates. You also need to factor in the money you will spend on hiring architects, interior designers, and project managers.

Plan in Advance

Having a plan set in advance will help you avoid many pitfalls during the project. Make sure you have a place to stay for the time being. Ensure that you purchase all of the materials needed before calling the masons. In addition, make sure you have all the necessary permits required.

You should also have some cash on the side in case of anything unexpected. As mentioned earlier on, it is always good to hire a project manager to overlook the project on your behalf. Going beyond the project timeline can lead to extra expenses. Make sure you have a breakdown or schedule of activities. This will give you a guide on whether the project is going on at the right pace.

Get the Required Permits

It is important to enquire from the relevant authorities whether you need a permit for a loft conversion project or not. In some states or towns, extension and conversion projects may not need a permit. However, in cases where the project may affect or interfere with some amenities within your region, you may need to get a permit.

Applying for planning permits can take anywhere between one to two months. Make sure you get assistance form a construction consultant to help you during the application process. In some instances, you the permit may be denied and you will be required to reapply. 

Bottom Line

Loft conversion projects can help boost the value of your property. Most of the time some people undermine the weight of conversion and extension projects. However, if done correctly, conversion projects are well worth it.

Make sure you hire the right professionals for your project. Ideally, the right professionals could be the difference between a successful project and a flop.

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