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Best Slippers for Tall Men & Women

Being taller than everybody else has its advantages. You don't have to be concerned about someone blocking your view at a movie theatre or, even better, at a concert! But, selecting stylish slippers for women or mens sandals can be tough when you are tall and confused regarding your outfit. Here is a fashion and styling guide for choosing the perfect footwear, especially slippers for tall men and women.

Choosing the perfect slippers

Slippers provide more than just comfort and are preferred over barefoot walking at home by podiatrists. Finding large chappal for men and women is a major issue for tall individuals. This might be problematic because not all brands have larger sizes. The simplest way to find your footwear size is to measure your foot and compare it to a shoe size chart. This is the ultimate approach to finding the perfect pair. Tall men can use patterned shoes to add uniqueness to their look. 

Taller ladies can wear whichever flat they like. As you don't need the extra height that heels provide, you may wear your favourite pair of studded flats with anything from jeans to gowns. Also, women's large size shoes should have rounded tips rather than pointy tips. This makes their feet look smaller.

How to choose the right bottom wear with slippers? 

The most common concerns are with bottom wear when it comes to style. It might be the hemlines of men's pants or the length of women's skirts. It is recommended that men get their pants tailored personally when selecting trousers for their suits. The more personalized the trousers, the better. Opt for a straight fit rather than a flared or narrow cut when it comes to jeans. You may also put a nice kurta over your pants to balance off your tall frame. 

Layers on layers

Embrace the layering trend if you want to look fashionable. This will make your upper body appear bulkier, taking attention away from your height. A double-breasted suit jacket is a good investment for guys. This will provide the necessary heft to your appearance. You can also wear waistcoats or vests if you have a long torso. It will offer you a distinct impression that will set you apart from the crowd. Finally, choose square-shaped shoes with a sophisticated appearance that are nevertheless comfy.A good pair of comfortable shoes that we recommend is Loom Footwear. Loom is an stylish yet comfy shoes that comes with some incredible features including waterproof, lightweight, breathability etc. and above of all, these shoes are Vegan. In a simple word, if you are looking for city appropriate most comfortable shoes, Loom is the perfect choice for you.

Women should wear maxi dresses. However, if you pick a maxi dress in a flimsy fabric, layer it with a heavy-duty denim jacket. You may also put on sweaters while keeping the bottom simple. Wear a tank top and a bomber jacket over a pair of shorts. Wear ankle boots to draw attention to your height.

Textures and patterns

Textures and patterns can serve to lend dimension to an outfit. Suits for men should have subtle pinstripes. Vertical stripes work effectively because of their height. This will draw attention to your towering stature. Experiment with dark colours such as deep blue, navy, black, and dark grey. Textured weaves, such as Birdseye, also look nice on tall guys. Keep your feet on a neutral scale if you're wearing patterned clothing. Choose formal shoes in neutral colours like brown or black.

Women can experiment with vertical stripes as a major design as well. You can wear designs and prints that are vibrant and eye-catching. In this manner, you are not detracting from the beauty of your patterned attire but rather complementing it. Gladiator slip-on is the ideal shoe for such looks.

Quick tips for Choosing a Shoe Style

Here are a few pointers on what to look for while selecting your footwear style. Of course, the type of shoes you want is entirely up to you, but here are some suggestions if you wish to consider the size and appearance of your larger-than-average feet. It is possible to reduce the size by making a few strategic decisions.

  • Choose darker shades: Dark hues appear less voluminous than white and other bright colours. The same is true for apparel; wearing darker shades or plain black will make you and your large feet look smaller.
  • Avoid wearing heels: Examine all of the images for each shoe carefully. Then, take a long, hard look at that heel. If the heel of the shoes you're considering adds many inches to your height, seek another type. Own your size and wear heels if that's what you desire. 
  • Consider detailing: Shoes with many decorations will look more proportional than sleeker, plainer shoes. Likewise, shoes with huge surfaces that lack stitching, linings, branding, or laces will look enormous to others. If you want to prevent this, go for shoes with more intricacy.

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