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which car is mentioned by name in the theme song of tv’s “all in the family”?

The Question: which car is mentioned by name in the theme song of tv's “all in the family”? Answer: The correct answer is LaSalle.

LaSalle was the name mentioned in the theme song of the opening theme song “Those Were the Days” of “All in the Family”. The song was presented in an innovative way with Carroll O’Connor and Jean Stapleton seated at a piano and singing the tune. This theme song used to appear before every episode and used to end with the applause of a live audience.

Speaking about the car brand “LaSalle” was one of the most popular and luxury-based American brands. Manufactured by General Motors, it has gained a lot of craze between 1927 and 1940. 

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Although the show ran during the 1970s, the reference of the vintage luxurious car gave a unique theme to the song. The reference line in the theme song goes as “Everybody pulled his weight. Gee, our old LaSalle ran great. Those were the days”. Well, as the song in this family show enchanted viewers across the country, LaSalle became a renowned name.

Although the theme song made its place in the hearts of the fans, shockingly producers changed the theme song for the final three seasons. But, the song remained legendary with millions of people still searching for the song on different websites and YouTube as well.

However, speaking about LaSalle, the automobile made its first appearance in the public back in 1927. It launched with a series 303 featuring Cadillac-inspired 90 degrees V-8 which used to turn the eyes of every automobile enthusiast of that era. Thus, it was undoubtedly the most eye-pleasing car in the collections of renowned business tycoons as well.

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The brand produced more than 2,00,000 vehicles in the 13 years running with a young fan base throughout the world. In the first year of production itself, GM produced over 26,000 LaSalle’s making it one of the most preferred and important products of the automakers.

Although the manufacturers were unable to keep up with the demand, limited availability became one of the plus points for it. Thus, it was also listed among the premium luxurious cars that only a few people can afford in their collections. 

On top of this, LaSalle had to survive by sharing more components with Oldsmobiles, Cadillacs, and Buick’s. LaSalle was so successful that instead of diverting the customers from its main rivals, it started competing with its parent brand. Some of their cars also got famous as “gangsters cars” after the Great Depression.

Apart from the theme song, LaSalle remained in the buzz for several years and many also demanded its return. Besides, at one point, GM also had plans to revive the brand again. It was on air that Buick Rivera was originally designed to be the next La Salle with some similar design tweaks as of it.

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But, there are no second thoughts about the fact that the show “All in the Family” brought back the name again to the minds of the fans. La Salle remained as the legend and the same was proved with the theme song again in the country.

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