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Top Mistakes to Avoid as a Vocational Trainer

To be responsible for another person can be a daunting task. This rings especially true for vocational trainers as they take care of the skill development of individuals.

In such situations, they are often held liable for both the success and failure of these individuals.

This makes their work even more stressful.

Here is a list of some common mistakes you should avoid to make your work easier and increase your chances of succeeding.

1. Holding Long Lectures

People tend to learn and retain knowledge more through conversations than simple lectures. Lectures get boring after a point of time, the audience loses interest and as a result, gets distracted. 

So, it is always better to have interactive classes where the students can engage with the trainer. It will help them learn better and also give you an idea of the depth of their understanding.

Design your classes with this in mind. Keep some time scheduled exclusively for student interaction. Or, you could also ask questions in the midst of your teaching.

Sometimes, the trainees might shy away from asking questions in order to avoid awkwardness. In such instances, take care to make them feel comfortable and encourage them to engage in the class.

2. Digressing

Often trainers get off track while teaching. Although it is natural to do so, this often plagues the students' concentration.

To avoid digressing too much from the topic, plan it from before. Write it down on the board before you start the session so that you can get back on track if you stray.

There might be some students who want to know and discuss things related but not pertinent to the course. Schedule time with them after the class to talk it out. Don’t let it take up too much of your classroom time at the cost of other students.

3. Neglecting Training Materials

You have to keep in mind that the vocational training sector is quite dynamic. So, you have to constantly update the training materials to keep them relevant and best suited for the current situation.

Invest in good training materials. Don’t compromise on the quality based on the prices. Source them from authorized sites. 

Take feedback from your students about the material. Ask them whether they are able to comprehend it and design classes to help them with the material as required.

Training materials are your biggest tool. It is therefore essential to prioritize them at all costs.

4. Compromising on Qualifications

It goes without saying that the trainer’s technical knowledge and proficiency matter a lot. So, you cannot afford to compromise on your qualifications, or if you’re running a vocational training institute then the quality of trainers you hire.

Thoroughly screen trainers. Employ the ones who are not only well-versed with the material but also have practical, hands-on experience.

Hold training or orientation classes with the trainers. 

Get them well acquainted with the classroom space and the most suitable methods of teaching.

The reputation of the institute hinges on the trainer to a great extent, so be very careful while selecting them.

5. Ignoring Feedback

One of the most common and dangerous mistakes that trainers make is to ignore feedback. 

More often than not, they do not bother asking for feedback, and in the rare instances when this opportunity is given to the students, they end up not paying heed to it at all.

This practice needs to be stopped.

Ask for constructive feedback from your students.

Pay attention to what they are saying and consider the areas where you could do better.

Your success as a trainer depends on how your students are faring. So, taking feedback from them will help you improve. This will also enable them to connect with you and hopefully do better with their courses.


A trainer’s job can be understandably nerve-wracking and makes you susceptible to making mistakes, especially if you’ve just begun your career.

While it is natural, you cannot afford to slip up all the time given the stakes.

However, with a little bit of planning and help from these tips, you will be able to give your best.

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