Health and FitnessWhat do you understand by the Pre-Employment Screening? 

What do you understand by the Pre-Employment Screening? 

We get that no one enjoys visiting the doctor. To ensure that a prospective employee is healthy and prepared to begin a new career on the proper foot, it is always a good idea to have them have a pre-employment physical. They may take charge of their health by taking advantage of the physical and wellness screenings that MedExpress offers.

What Justifies a Pre-Employment Physical for My Employees?

Physical exams are a fantastic way to assess a worker’s health. Pre-employment screening, return-to-work, Department of Transportation (DOT), and general medical examinations are just a few of our physical screenings. Health checks help save money by preventing accidents, injuries, and illnesses. 

 Pre-employment medical examinations help save money by reducing accidents, injuries, and workers’ compensation claims. One study found that for every $1 spent on pre-employment screening, more than $18 could be saved.

Pre-placement testing or a human performance evaluation (HPE), usually referred to as a pre-employment physical, are crucial since they give you and your employee the assurance that they can do their jobs as well as possible. A pre-employment physical may occasionally reveal probable illnesses or chronic conditions that would make it difficult for a person to do their work well. Pre-employment physicals might be especially crucial for those with a chronic condition because they can show how well the management program is working.

Pre-employment exams can give you and your employees a starting point for monitoring health during or after an injury.

What exactly is pre-employment physics? 

  •  A pre-employment physical examination examines several aspects of health, including: 
  •  Necessary signals include body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. 
  •  The purpose of assessing abdominal health is to determine how well the liver, intestines, and other organs are performing.
  • Using the appearance of the skin to look for any indications or symptoms of other underlying conditions, a heart and lung exam

Additionally, you might want to include other tests, such as: 

  • to your employee’s pre-employment physicals
  • tests for alcohol and drugs
  • Testing of vision
  • A TB test
  • Titers’ Labs
  • programs for hearing preservation or audiometry

These additional exams precisely assess your employee’s health and confirm that crucial conditions like eyesight and hearing are met. Anyone who passes the pre employment exams can quickly go for an interview.  

What steps should my employees take to get ready for their pre-employment physicals?

Although an employee’s health won’t improve overnight, they can get ready for the physical by gathering the following:

The documentation you’ve provided outlines the services they require, including, if necessary, lab orders for any subsequent testing and any equipment they might need, such as glasses, hearing aids, etc.

Valid identification includes a driver’s license, state or federal ID card, or employer-issued badge. 

How else can an employee’s health be assessed?

A pre-employment physical is not the beginning and end of health. More methods, such as biometric screening, evaluate an employee’s wellness. Like physicals, biometric screenings examine physical traits like height, weight, body mass index (BMI), and blood pressure while considering additional indicators like cholesterol and glucose levels. 

These indicators are crucial for assessing the level of health of your employees and can offer valuable information on the early detection of diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

Another method of assessing physical health is body metric testing. A body metric test is not technically a physical test; it measures necessary body measurements and vital signs like height, weight, BMI, and blood pressure.

A body metric test, which isn’t technically a physical but, does evaluate important vitals and body measurements, including height, weight, BMI, and blood pressure, to create an overall composite of someone’s fitness. You can use the body metric and biometric testing offered by MedExpress to judge your employees’ fundamental health and wellness. For detailed information, you can visit

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