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Things You Need to Know About 360-degree Photos

360-degree car photography is in trend due to its many advantages. Most people want to learn about it in detail but think it is the most complicated thing. However, it is not as complicated as you think. 

Do you want to learn about 360-degree car photoshoot ideas and are still wondering what hardware and software you will require to finish your project? All the information you need is included in this post. Read on! 

Is 360-degree Car Photos the Same Thing as Panoramic Image?

“Panoramic” describes a wide or extremely wide shot inclined either horizontally or vertically. These shots are combined from photos taken at various angles or with a specialized camera with wide or multiple lenses. The range covered or the width and height of panoramic photographs might vary. Words like “partial panorama” or “full panoramic” may describe what angles are covered. A partial panorama spans less than 180 degrees of latitude and less than 360 degrees of longitude around the horizon. 

On the other hand, “360-degree” or “full/spherical panorama” refers to an image that completely encapsulates your surroundings from all angles, from the sky immediately above you to the ground exactly under you!

Equipment Required for 360-degree Car Photos

360-Degree Cameras

One of the most straightforward ways to capture a 360-degree interior car image is by using a 360-degree camera. These cameras are specifically designed to capture a full spherical image, with multiple lenses and sensors that work together to capture the entire area of view. Various popular models are compact, easy to use, and can be connected to a smartphone or computer for easy editing and sharing. 

DSLR Cameras with Fisheye Lenses

Another car photoshoot idea for capturing a 360-degree car photo is a DSLR camera with a fisheye lens. A fisheye lens is a wide-angle lens with a wide angle of view, typically around 180 degrees. Using a fisheye lens and a specialized panoramic tripod head, you can capture several car images and stitch them together to create a 360-degree panorama.

Special Software

Finally, there are also software programs that can be used to capture and render a 360-degree car image. Software like Spyne’s app can take multiple pictures from a regular camera and stitch them together to create a 360-degree car image. This method is often used by photographers who want to capture a panorama but need access to a specialized camera or lens. 

Optimal Procedures For Taking 360-degree Car Photos

Having 360 degree photographs of your business can give you a seamless user experience. However, 360 degrees vary from the traditional one, and you must follow some procedures to make the perfect piece. So, here in this section, we will go through optimal procedures for taking 360-degree car photos:-

Be Mindful of Your Surroundings When Taking 360-Degree Photographs!

Pick your camera’s location wisely, as this can make or break the quality of your car photographs. Center your camera within the target area on a level surface as much as possible. Stitch lines define the region between the views of two lenses. Although stitch lines may be prepared by the camera or altered in the post-processing, they could still be noticeable. Practice your shot to be perfect in 360-degree car photography whenever you can. 

Be aware of the things and people in your shot. Is your car correctly positioned, and are there any objects in the shot that shouldn’t be there? Can they be taken off during filming, or will you have to do it in post-production? If so, how might you reduce the work required to get rid of them later?

Camera Parameters

The typical camera controls may be familiar to you, such as shutter speed, white balance, color temperature, aperture, HDR, bracketing, and film speed/ISO. The settings you require will depend on the particular camera, but there are universal best practices that will improve your shoot.

While most 360-degree cameras feature some variation of the majority or all of these basic settings, some do not and instead rely on the automatic correction function to calculate these values. If your camera just offers a small selection of these characteristics, you can have fewer options for shooting in environments (ex: very dark, extremely bright, or irregularly lit environments).

Shoot your panoramic images in RAW or PNG format if possible. This will ensure that your car image has the most available metadata information and will display more detail than the default jpeg format. It will also improve post-shoot editing in programs like Lightroom or Photoshop.

Wrapping Up 

The whole guide was to teach you the basics of 360- degree car photography. Taking this responsibility might burden you if you are in the car dealership business. For this, you can hire expert 360-degree car photographers like Spyne. 

Spyne is one of the leading platforms that enables you to make 360-degree photographs to enhance the user experience and drive more sales. Spyne app uses AI to provide 360-degree external and internal images of a car.

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