CasinoThe Positive Impact of Casino Loyalty Programs on the iGaming Industry

The Positive Impact of Casino Loyalty Programs on the iGaming Industry

Loyalty programs are typically being offered wide and afar by many casino operators nowadays, with many using them as promotional tools in order to incentivise players to keep coming back and using their service.

Given their popularity and how they are continually being offered by almost every iGaming operator, have they had a profound impact on the entire industry?

Loyalty programs have had the desired effect

It is difficult to argue against the idea that loyalty programs have had the desired effect across the iGaming industry. If they had not, then they would not be offered as widespread as they are currently.

It is no surprise that loyalty programs and VIP Clubs are now being offered by many. The iGaming industry is one of the most competitive sectors in the world, with so many different sites continuing to try and capture as much of the market as possible, while each offering the same products. Sites need to use the lure of a loyalty program as a way to incentivise players to join them and stick around.

There are a number of different ways in which these programs can be offered, with various methods, forms, shapes, and sizes, but they all do share a common goal regardless of how they look: to keep players signed up and enjoying the games that are being offered by the operator. If they are able to keep their customer base loyal, then they will not have to do as much marketing as it would take to get their customer numbers back up again.

This can be done through the rewards that are offered. While each operator is different in terms of what they may provide, many utilise a points system to encourage players to continue to spend money and play their favourite games in order to achieve enough points to be rewarded. British operator 32Red offers a loyalty program that rewards players.

One of the 32Red bonuses being offered currently involves loyalty points. The operator rewards existing players with a points system simply for being a member and playing their favourite casino games regularly, as well as sticking to the terms and conditions that are set.

Typically, many will offer a number of bonuses and promotions once they have reached a certain tier, such as offering free spins or no deposit or no wagering bonuses, as these will also help encourage players to keep spinning on the slots and playing the table games.

Rewards may potentially get greater the higher players climb in terms of the loyalty program rankings that may be offered, too. Merchandise could possibly be won, while some may also offer luxurious prizes to keep players engaged and loyal. 

How have loyalty programs positively impacted the iGaming industry?

Now that we know that loyalty programs have had the desired impact on the iGaming industry, how has the sector been able to positively thrive because of the success that has been achieved as a result of these incentives?

As discussed, the main aim of these rewards is to keep player retention and engagement as high as possible. Casinos have been able to see a number of positive results in this regard as they have been able to experience first-hand a significant rise in both aspects. This could be because players are feeling more valued by the operator as they are being recognised for spending their hard-earned cash with them rather than elsewhere. By being appreciated, players will feel they do not need to go elsewhere and try and get that recognition from someone else. Additionally, players like to be rewarded on occasion. It is always nice to be given something as a thank you, and loyalty programs manage to do exactly that.

New players have also noticed the appeal of a loyalty scheme, and many are now looking at casinos that reward them for playing with them. While bonuses are typically at the top of the list, being rewarded for being an existing player is always nice and something that can be the difference between signing up or moving on once the introductory offer is over.

Loyalty Programs can increase revenues for iGaming operators

Due to their incentivising nature, loyalty programs can be a great way for iGaming operators to increase their revenues and keep their player base as happy as possible. While they may have to keep members happy with rewards, they are inexpensive compared to trying to attract newer players or when giving out certain prizes such as free spins or other bonuses.

Loyalty schemes have been incredibly impactful for the entire industry, and these programs are unlikely to go anywhere any time soon.

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