CasinoLearn All About The Hype Around Bitcoin Casino Games 

Learn All About The Hype Around Bitcoin Casino Games 

Bitcoin garnered a lot of media attention with the latest bull cycle. In fact, since the last Bitcoin halving in May 2020, the price has risen by over 100% by December 2020. During that time, the price has continued to grow further into the new year and has achieved a record-breaking value of over $60,000.  

For that event, Elon Musk was partially responsible for promoting Bitcoin and publicly accepting BTC payments.  

Even though now the crypto market is in a deep bear market cycle, Bitcoin is still considered one of the most successful cryptocurrencies, and many businesses widely accept it. The iGaming sector didn't remain immune to the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and not long after the bull cycle, an increasing number of online casinos decided to accept BTC payments.  

What is Bitcoin  

The first cryptocurrency ever created was Bitcoin, and it represents an alternative solution to transferring money over the Internet since 2009. It became much more successful over the next decade due to the implementation of blockchain technology, which includes blockchain-based solutions and other cryptocurrencies on the market that follow similar technology.  

There are many benefits to Bitcoin payments. Firstly, Bitcoin provides complete transparency in the blockchain network and therefore reduces the possibility of errors. It also provides short processing time because thousands of Bitcoin miners at work on the blockchain network can enforce the proof-of-work protocol. Lastly, the processing time of the transactions is shortened due to the decentralized nature of the blockchain system.  

Online Slots and Bitcoin 

Online casinos that accept Bitcoin are no different than any other regualr casino. More specifically, Bitcoin casinos function the same as any other online casino, but they give you a unique opportunity to wager your crypto funds or BTC with their gaming selection. If you want to play live dealer casino games or slots, everything is accessible to you as long as you have a Bitcoin wallet and BTC funds.  

There are advantages to both parties. Let's take online casinos, for example; by accepting BTC, they have the option to connect with crypto casino players that want to wager with their crypto funds. For this reason, many also have digital currency blog where that cover everything you need to know about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  

In terms of online slots, they are no different than regular slots, which come in many variations and themes – from slots based on famous TV shows to slots incorporating vintage elements, slot games inspired by Greek mythology, and many other options. 

The only difference is that here you have access to cryptocurrencies, and as long as you have a crypto wallet, you can wager on BTC on your favorite slot game. Furthermore, many Bitcoins also provide separate crypto bonuses for regular and new casino players.  

Live Casino Games and Bitcoin 

Live casino games represent the most popular casino games on casino sites that can be played authentically with a live human dealer. Namely, you can play in real-time and choose from hundreds of different live dealer casino games. 

Suppose you want to play on a Bitcoin casino. In that case, you can play live dealer games with BTC, and then you get to choose from an entire selection of live casino games that cover everything from poker to blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and many other options. All you need in order to play crypto casino games is a reliable crypto wallet, and you can start paying immediately.  


In conclusion, due to the overreaching popularity of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, there will be many more online slots and live dealer games available for crypto casino players. Moreover, due to the fast adoption of cryptocurrencies in the future, we expect a surge of mobile casino apps that are available on mobile devices and mobile casino games. 

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