NewsThe Creative Foresight of Konstantin Nevelskiy

The Creative Foresight of Konstantin Nevelskiy

  Once most of us accepted the social and physical restrictions that the Covid 19 pandemic demanded, we settled into a slower and mostly solitary pace of life. A small percentage however resigned themselves to discovering new ways of conducting themselves and producing during this unprecedented era.

As with most artists, Konstantin Nevelskiy had seen his fair share of trials during his early years. Always a strong proponent for the community of creative professionals, Nevelskiy created Loony House in 2015. This commonwealth which brought together authors, artists, and session musicians together to collaborate, persevered during the lockdown to continue to create.

Through his music labels Loony House Major and Black Piano Classic, Konstantin has been the hub for this consortium while also focusing on the manifestation of relaxing music for sleep, study, and work. It’s a music genre which exponentially increased in popularity in the last few years. 

  Ask any music artist of present day and they will tell you that being involved in multiple projects is the key to success. In contrast to the days when one major achievement would establish a career long path, Konstantin finds himself vacillating between television (contributing to Golden Globe Italy Award-Winning Director Pappi Corsicato’s Vivi e Lascia Vivere on Italy’s RAI 1), Advertisements (EFES beer’s “Summer is Here”), and popular music artists (such as “Closer to You” by Iakopo, R2Bees, & Drei Ros featuring Sean Paul).

Though known by most for his work with these more internationally recognized names, Mr. Neveleskiy exerts an ample amount of effort and time into the interaction of those who are yet-to-be household names and future award-winners through Loony House.

Alongside his longtime partner and comrade Vadim Medvedev (aka Rayn Beats), Konstantin has created a center for artists which spans nearly limitless styles and genres, including multiple languages and production styles. The company also finds work for the artists through a network booking system.

Loony House offers a platform and means of expression for highly skilled creatives who need and deserve the kind of international attention that its founder has already achieved. 

  Those who know Mr. Nevelskiy will note that his ability to perceive great potential rivals his own immense talent. That’s as applicable for those whom he works with as it is for a means of generating income. The latest in this regard is his Black Piano Classic which recognizes the gains of a genre many musicians avoid; that is, being “audible wallpaper.”

Understanding that there is increasingly a faction of the world who embraces music that creates an atmosphere without demanding one’s attention, Black Piano Classic Records label was created for specialized content – music for relaxation, meditation, sleep, reading, work, study and exam preparation. These are the sounds of piano and guitar solo or to the sound of the forest, sea, rain or city, and lullabies for children. It is this musical accompaniment without vocals that helps to relax the nervous system and the brain, or vice versa helps to focus on study or work, without being distracted by extraneous thoughts or words.

All the tracks are curated and/or produced by Konstantin who communicates his desire for positivity, “I know that the fear of infection during a pandemic, and even more so now, when we are being scared by a third world war, causes great anxiety and stress. I hope the Black Piano Classic Records playlists will help at least a little distraction and eases this tension.”

  Currently immersed in the sound design of two mobile games for developers from Ukraine and Hungary as well as the early stages of a service of sample packs for creating electronic music, Konstantin Nevelskiy is in a constant state of motion. There’s a justified reason for this. As a boy he showed an intuitive capability on the violin but his mother could not provide him with the classes. Having now proven his greatness in collaborations with so many famed artists across the planet, it’s clear that Konstantin will never allow his potential, or that of others, to go unrealized. 

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