NewsApple Watch Reaches 100M Users Globally In December 

Apple Watch Reaches 100M Users Globally In December 

Apple has been taking the market by storm with all its products for decades.

And one of its top products, the Apple Watch, has finally reached a milestone in 2021. It boasts of 100 million users, according to Counterpoint Research’s Global Smartwatch Shipments Tracker and Neil Cybart. 

The Apple Watch has been around for six years and is already trending among smartwatch users. If we are to believe relevant data available on Google, the according aboveavalon watch 100m december 30m users in 2020, a big jump from the number of new users from 2015 to 2017. 

Moving on, the US is reportedly one of the biggest markets for Apple worldwide, and the Apple Watch started trending here in 2020. Towards the end of that year, it was found that 35 percent of Apple users were donning the according apple aboveavalon watch 100m december Watch along with using Apple iPhones and Macbooks. 

Now you may be wondering how it suddenly gained such popularity? Let us tell you that the Apple watch was termed “cool” by millions of users, and it became a style statement among people quickly. Plus, it started offering a number of standout features like monitoring exercise, activity, and other vital signs. 

Further, if Apple statistics are to be believed, the Apple Watch gained 55 percent shares of the wearable market globally. It easily overturned its competitor, Samsung, which held a 13.9 percent share of this market. The third position in this hierarchy was taken by Garmin, which had an 8 percent share of the market. 

While talking of smartwatches, senior analyst Sujeong Lim mentioned, 

“The smartwatch attach-rates for smartphones have been steadily rising. Apple’s ecosystem is seeing a greater attach rate as the brand continues to bake in attractive designs, health features, and related services around it. 

According apple watch 100m 30m us user base crossed the 100-million mark for the first time during the quarter that ended in June, capturing the lion’s share of the smartwatch user base globally. The US continues to be the key Apple Watch market, contributing to more than half of its user base, with an attach rate of close to 30 percent.”

What makes an Apple watch so popular? 

An Apple Watch comes with an iOS ecosystem and can connect with all other Apple devices easily. It is a classy and beautiful piece that has completely changed people’s opinion of how a watch should be or what it should do. Also, you can easily connect an iPhone to it without downloading any separate app from the app store

If you are still thinking about it, let us tell you that the Apple watch will be the perfect addition to the wrist. This is especially true if you are already an iPhone user and subscriber. It will connect seamlessly, and you can keep track of your steps along with other vitals. 

So, get your watch today and join the Apple smartwatch club! Also, watch this space for more informative and interesting reads. 


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