NewsSnapchat's Spotlight feature is already used by 100 million users

Snapchat’s Spotlight feature is already used by 100 million users

Snap claims that it's TikTok rival, Spotlight, was home to spotlight 100m maus january 175kkastrenakes users in the month of January in 2021, which is just two months after its launch. This would indicate an impressively successful debut for the service that has taken over the top tab in Snapchat.

“We're very pleasantly surprised with the momentum,” Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said on a conference call with investors today afternoon to discuss Snap's quarterly earnings for 2020.

The app is also an important place to watch entertainment and media programming via it's Discover page. As per the firm, more than 90% of Gen Z Americans watched shows and content from publishers via Discover during the last quarter. Snap spotlight 100m maus 175kkastrenakes theverge Users who are over 35 saw their time engaged with the programming on Discover by over 30 percent.

Snapchat states that Spotlight is now receiving more than 175,000 videos every day in average. Chief Executive Evan Spiegel said on a conference call with investors that Spotlight has “really off to the races,” saying the company is “really excited with the early momentum.” Now that Spotlight 100m maus has gained a following, the company will concentrate on delivering the best content to its customers through Spotlight He added.

TikTok is likely to have an advantage over the service, even though. TikTok claimed its app was home to 100 million people within the United States alone as of June 2020. And signs suggest that the app has grown in the years since. (On the other hand, Instagram's chief has stated that the company is “not yet happy with” Reels which is its shortform video rival.)

Snap Inc. went all out about Snapchat's new feature, announcing that it will offer at minimum one million dollars to the most popular posts posted on the app each day. The program ran for a monthand will end in 2020. The individuals selected were not chosen based on factors like subscriber numbers but rather Snap selected out of a group of users who had the highest number of viewers per unique video.

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