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The Advantages Of Having A Private Well At Your Home

It can sound rather grandiose when you say you have your own private well. But, the truth is that it is not as difficult as you may think to add a well to your property and it can be a very advantageous addition.

In order to create a well you simply need to know how far down the water is below the surface. Once you have established this you can drill a borehole. The easiest way to do this is using rock augers. These are specially designed tools that drill into the earth and can go as deep as you want them to. 

You’ll need to make sure you go low enough to be able to get water in the middle of summer. 

Once you’ve created the hole and lined it to prevent collapse, you will need a pump to lift the water to the surface. It can then be used for anything you want. 

Well Water Is Cheaper

If you have and only use well water then you will no longer need to use the water supplied by the water board. This will save you money. Of course, you can choose to stay connected to the mains but this will reduce your potential savings. 

Providing you are happy that the well will provide water all year round, you can disconnect from the mains and save more money.

You Have Control

It is possible to install a well and use the water for the garden, flush the toilet, and do other non-critical tasks. However, owning a well means you are in charge of the water quality.

The quality of well water cannot be guaranteed as it is different depending on location and the contaminants in the local soil.

However, you may have heard about the ongoing debates regarding adding fluoride to the water and whether the addition of chemicals by the treatment plant is a good idea. 

By having your own water supply you can choose how to treat it to make it safe to drink and whether it is worth adding anything to it or not. 

Peace Of Mind

Because you know where the water is coming from and what additives you have put into it you can reduce the stress associated with water consumption and simply enjoy the precious liquid. You no longer need to worry about the distance it has traveled or what contaminants it has collected on route.

All you need is to test it regularly.

However, you should be aware that the water quality can vary. It is important to test a well daily and you’ll need to invest in, your own treatment plant. This can be turned on when the water has picked up undesirable qualities that need to be removed.

Naturally, there is a charge for the testing and the electricity to run the pump. There will also be a few maintenance costs. But, these should be significantly less than staying hooked up to the mains supply.

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