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Explore the Top Reasons Why Modern Men Prefer Straw Hats as a Perfect Style Accessory for Summer

Straw sun hats are comfortable and stylish best for men who are oozing with confidence. Straw hats promise many additional benefits besides protection from the harsh and harmful rays of the sun. According to Wikipedia, a straw hat is a nice brimmed hat woven using straw or other straw-like stuff from different plants. Sometimes even synthetics are used for creating a straw sun hat. These hats provide maximum sun protection. However, at the same time, straw hats are often used as essentially a fashion accessory that could take your style quotient a few notches higher.

However, some men have hang-ups about them. They must be having some misunderstanding or preconceived notions about straw sun hats. But most men love their sun hats and use them as an essential summer accessory. If you have the confidence and the personality to commit to a sun hat style, it will give you unmatched panache. Here are some of the virtues of a straw sun hat that should compel you to be the man of straw! 

They Provide Effective Sun Protection 

Remember that harmful rays of the sun can cause some types of skin cancer, including melanoma. The scorching heat of the sun is constantly baking your skin, but not necessarily your cells. However, you can end up getting the worst types of sunburns. Moreover, your eyes get constant exposure to the harsh and harmful rays of the sun. Sun hats work well as perfect natural barriers and protect you from the adverse effects of the sun. You can get the best sun protection with the help of men’s straw sun hatsHowever, consider a few factors. You may opt for a wider brim for utmost sun protection. It is best to opt for a non-uniform-shaped brim as that will do a much better job of protecting your face by obstructing the harsh sun rays.

They Are Ever-So-Versatile

Unfortunately, most of the men’s hat styles seem a bit too formal. Your felt fedoras, top hats, or even the bowlers all look pretty nice and formal. On the other hand, your beanie, or baseball cap, or visors look far too informal. However, the straw sun hats are in the middle ground. Straw hats are neither too informal nor too formal. They are best for complementing a linen suit for a summer party and could seamlessly be paired with a casual Cuban-collared shirt with swim shorts at the beach.

They Are Comfortable & Incredibly Lightweight

During the last leg of summer, it is critical to dress right for the season. Wear clothes like linen trousers with lightweight shirts to keep you cool. There would still be sunny days, and you should wear your straw hats to protect your head, face, and neck from the harsh rays of the sun. Moreover, sun hats add an element of fun so that you enjoy your beach vacations with doubled enthusiasm and zest. Sun hats are an essential summer accessory that you simply cannot do without. 

They are comfortable to wear. Straw sun hats do not make you sweat profusely because they are woven in such a manner that they are breathable. The sun hat’s shape and structure help to keep the sun rays off your head, face, or neck. Straw sun hats are designed and crafted to keep you cool during the stifling hot summer days. They are just perfect for traveling, thanks to their minimal weight. Many experienced hatters come up with straw fedoras and Panama hats that could be rolled up for making them far easier to store.

They Are Classic & Timeless

Brimmed straw sun hats have been in vogue since time immemorial and will continue to be popular for many years to come. Thanks to their versatility across informal and formal attire such hats can be worn by both the old and the young with equal poise. Some experts feel that older men should opt for straw sun hats with wider brims while young men should opt for straw trilby. 

Sun Hats for Every Reason 

As men are becoming more fashion-conscious, designers have come up with more versatile and stylish straw hats to match every occasion. They are incredibly stylish, and you can wear them with any outfit you like. For men who have a passion for gardening, there are special gardening straw hats that are fantastic for sun protection. For athletes and sports lovers, you may choose from soccer, baseball, and rugby straw hats. These are extremely popular among sports enthusiasts and players for keeping their hair away from their eyes and face but still showing off their stylish haircut.


Men could use sun hats for contrasting or complementing. Straw sun hats do not necessarily have to complement or match your attire. However, opt for a straw hat that matches your personality. Between the sun protection and the look, straw sun hats are certainly worthy of your affection and love. Wear one and enjoy the difference! 

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