KitchenBathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid During Renovation Planning 

Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid During Renovation Planning 

Everyone wants to keep their bathroom fresh-looking and new. The dirty shower area doesn’t let people enjoy their bath, no matter how exciting features they install. The awkward designs and worn-out appearance can steal mental peace. You may identify with this scenario, and hence, there must be excitement about renovating this space. While this experience has so much to offer, you cannot take certain things for granted, as those remodeling mistakes can affect your entire plan. If you wish to have a smooth journey with this, you can explore a few insights that allow you to get the most coveted things without errors or expensive corrective measures.

Budgeting and price comparison

While your final expenses could be higher than the original plan, you can avoid overreaching your budget by doing in-depth research on bathroom renovation costs. Generally, people don’t compare brands and products well enough to understand what may work best for their interests. Designers say that prices of tiles, lighting, vanities, and plumbing fixtures can vary based on material, brand, and other factors. To be more precise, if you are installing an undermount bath washbowl, for instance, you would want to consider all the factors before splurging on it. However, you may skip this if you are loyal to a specific brand or plan to replace the old fixture with the same new model. 

Regardless of everything, ensure that you collect quotes from different sources to fix your bathroom budget. Whatever figure you come around, you can top it up with 20% additional funds for contingencies. Nevertheless, when discussing pricing and budget, you can feel tempted to opt for the cheapest options to lower your expenses. It can be another significant mix-up on your part. Focusing on all the details is crucial. Don’t let the price guide your choices. It applies to the hiring of contractors too. Going with anyone just because they promise lower labor charges can be a risky undertaking. The real value lies in their experience and expertise. If you compromise with this for lower rates, you are likely to regret your decision later. 

Maintain a spreadsheet to add all the prices and costs in one place for quick viewing. It will be easier to make price comparisons then.

Ventilation requirements

Bathrooms will be humid because of condensation caused by the use of water and steam. Proper ventilation is the only solution for its health. Most homeowners don’t pay adequate attention to the selection of exhaust fans and get something that doesn’t help much. The primary thing is you have to buy a big fan to avoid moisture that promotes mildew and mold in the bathroom. These things don’t just ruin their aesthetics but may also impact you and your family’s wellness. Before you get anything, examine its specifications thoroughly to ensure it is a safe choice. Also, these fittings can make lots of noise. You have to select something that provides excellent air circulation and runs pretty quietly. 


It is another critical area where many go wrong. You have to know that some fixtures require closer lighting. Think of bathtubs, for example. There can be some rules about the distance between the lights and tubs for bathrooms. Hopefully, your electrician will be aware of them. You can also check the National Electric Code (NEC) to get some idea about this.  

Shower tiling

This one decision can contribute to the longevity of your bathroom’s great shape. When installing new shower tile, make sure the tile on the nearby curb slopes down towards the inside. It will help the water escape through the drains without getting trapped in the openings, such as beneath the door. The simple design mistake can weigh heavy on your mind as your bathroom will be at risk of water damage. When you talk about shower areas and showers, another critical consideration can be the shower controls. If you don’t choose this carefully, you may need to spend extra to rectify the plumbing faux pas. 

If you want to install a rain head shower from the ceiling with a handheld sprayer and a few spray jets, standard rough-in plumbing work will not be helpful. It can be suitable for only one fixed shower head.  That’s why it is necessary to communicate your plans to the plumber.


Renovating a bathroom with regular paint can be one more blunder as the shower will keep your walls wet. Going for something with mold and mildew resistance can save it. Before wall color, applying a layer of oil-based primer can be a great idea as it helps create a smooth base while hiding the stains.

Position of the wall fittings

Some designers warn against the faulty positioning of the wall fixtures like towel bars and accessories. Attaching them to drywall instead of framing can lead to fitting issues. They can get easily dislodged when trying to pull towels out of them. So, a good amount of care needs to be imposed on them. Using racks instead of bars is a great idea as it’ll also add to your bathroom décor. Here’s a good article for more information: 7 Best Bamboo Towel Rack That Would Look Good in Your Bathroom. Published by Mizu Towel, this article will introduce you to the world’s best bamboo towel racks that will give a unique look to your bathroom. At the same time, you have to be sure about the mirror’s location and its height. Lighting is one more area in this context. Sometimes, you need better illumination to complete a task safely and accurately. Imagine doing makeup or shaving.  Other times, you may not need this. So choosing adaptable lighting is recommendable. Too dark or bright light may fail to satisfy your goals.

There can be tens or hundreds of things to ponder over and select. It can be an arduous process. But only you will benefit in the end. Your bathroom will have everything to support its long-lastingness and functionality. So, focus on the renovation entirely. Don’t hurry into things. Any hasty decision can hamper your budget and peace of mind. You can consult your contractor for some ideas and guidance. You can rely on their experience and expertise. 

The contractors need to understand your expectations to suggest something. Make sure you express yourself clearly to do away with any confusion while talking to them. Once your new bathroom is ready, you can enjoy its fresh vibe without any doubt. You will be happy about your investment, time, and effort.

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