TechUnlocking The Power Of ESPN Plus On YouTube TV: Everything You Need...

Unlocking The Power Of ESPN Plus On YouTube TV: Everything You Need To Know

Are you trying to figure out how to enjoy ESPN Plus with your YouTube TV service? Good news – it’s now possible to add this sports treasure trove directly to your existing subscription.

This post is a handy guide designed to walk you through every step, making the merger of ESPN Plus and YouTube TV smooth sailing for all sports enthusiasts. Read on, and let’s get the ball rolling!

How to Watch ESPN Plus on YouTube TV

Diving into the world of sports streaming has never been simpler; with ESPN Plus now available on YouTube TV, you’re just steps away from a vast array of live events and exclusive content.

Let’s explore how seamless integration is making your favorite games and shows accessible in one convenient place.

Adding ESPN Plus to your YouTube TV Subscription

Getting ESPN Plus on your YouTube TV is easy. You just need to follow a few steps.

  • Start by opening the YouTube TV app or going to the website on your device.
  • Look for the “Add-Ons” option in your account settings; this is where you’ll find ESPN Plus.
  • Select ESPN Plus from the list of available add-ons. You’ll see how much it costs per month here, too.
  • Confirm that you want to add ESPN Plus to your subscription. This might require entering your payment info if it’s not saved already.
  • Once you’ve added it, ESPN Plus content will show up in your YouTube TV channel guide.
  • Now you can watch live sports and shows from ESPN Plus right alongside your regular YouTube TV channels.

Finding Available ESPN Plus Content

Once you’ve got ESPN Plus on your YouTube TV, it’s easy to see what’s available. Look for a special section labeled ‘ESPN Plus‘ right in the YouTube TV app or website. There, you’ll find all kinds of sports shows and events ready to watch. You can scroll through different categories like live games, original series, and documentaries.

To catch live sports as they happen, check the schedule under the ‘Live‘ tab. For past games and episodes of shows like “30 for 30,” go to the ‘On Demand’ area. Every sport from football to UFC is there for you – so finding what you love is simple! Just click on something interesting, sit back, and enjoy your favorite competition or sports story.

espn+ on youtube tv

Accessing Live Events and On-demand Content

To get live events and on-demand shows with ESPN Plus on YouTube TV, just look for the ESPN Plus tab. Here, you’ll see all kinds of sports like soccer, baseball, and more. You can watch games as they happen or find past games to check out later.

You don’t need to wait either. Click on a game or show you want to watch and it starts right away! On YouTube TV, keeping up with your favorite teams is easy with ESPN Plus at your fingertips.

Benefits of ESPN Plus on YouTube TV

Experience the ultimate sports package with ESPN Plus on YouTube TV—a game-changer for enthusiasts craving more action, exclusive series, and personalized streams right at their fingertips. Elevate your viewing playground with a variety that keeps you on the edge of your seat, game after game.

Expanded Sports Coverage

With ESPN+ on YouTube TV, sports fans get more games, matches, and events. This means from college sports to pro leagues – it’s all there. You can watch live soccer from around the world, or dive into baseball games you won’t find anywhere else.

Do you love sports? Get ready for behind-the-scenes looks at your favorite teams with documentaries and original shows. Whether it’s football season or you’re cheering for hockey teams, this combo is like having a ticket to the best action without leaving your couch.

Exclusive Content

Get more than just the regular games with ESPN Plus on YouTube TV. Think of it as your VIP pass to extra sports stuff. You’ll find shows and series that you can’t watch anywhere else.

Maybe there’s a behind-the-scenes look at your favorite team or interviews with top athletes. Imagine sitting down to watch something special, knowing not everyone can see it – that’s what this is all about.

Let’s say you’re into football; ESPN Plus might have documentaries about legendary players or full replays of classic matches. What’s cool is that every fan finds something just for them. So after checking out the unique shows, gear up for some personalized options next!

Personalized Viewing Options

With ESPN Plus on YouTube TV, you can choose what to watch and when. Enjoy sports your way by picking from a variety of live events or digging into past games on-demand. Tailor your viewing to fit your interests; whether it’s soccer, baseball, or MMA fighting, find it all in one place.

Your profile keeps track of what you like. It suggests new content based on your past choices. Dive into documentaries about legendary athletes or get tips from sports analysis shows designed just for fans like you.

How to Get a Free Trial for ESPN Plus on YouTube TV

Discover the ins and outs of snagging a free trial for ESPN Plus on your YouTube TV, turning your living room into the ultimate sports haven—just when you thought streaming couldn’t get any sweeter. Keep reading the following section to unlock this game-changing play:

Available Free Trial Options

You might get to try ESPN Plus on YouTube TV for free. Some people have found offers that let them watch without paying for a little while. Check out the promotions page on YouTube TV or ESPN Plus websites. They often share deals there.

To sign up, just follow a few easy steps. Find the “Free Trial” button and click it. Fill in your details like name and email address, then add payment info – but don’t worry! They won’t charge you if you cancel before the trial ends.

Make sure you set a reminder to quit the trial on time if you decide not to keep it so no money comes out of your account.

Steps to Sign up For a Free Trial

Signing up for a free trial on ESPN Plus through YouTube TV is quick and easy. Just follow these simple steps for immediate access to tons of sports content.

  • Go to the YouTube TV website and log in with your account details.
  • Look for the ESPN Plus section or search for it using the search bar.
  • Find the option to start a free trial and click on it. This should be prominently displayed.
  • Enter your payment information, but don’t worry—you won’t be charged if you cancel before the trial ends.
  • Review your subscription details to make sure everything is correct.
  • Confirm and start streaming! Enjoy all the great content that ESPN Plus has to offer.


Now you know how to enjoy ESPN Plus on YouTube TV. Get ready for more sports, live events, and shows. Remember, there’s a free trial waiting if you’re new. Give it a try and make your game days even better! And if questions pop up? You’ll find answers fast – bringing the whole ESPN world right into your home.


Q: Can I get ESPN Plus on YouTube TV without a subscription?

You need a subscription to watch ESPN Plus shows on YouTube TV. It’s not free with just any YouTube TV plan. First, sign up for YouTube TV. Then add ESPN Plus to your account. Getting ESPN Plus means more sports events and unique shows to watch. After you set it up, think about exploring all the extra features and content! 

Q: Will ESPN Plus be available on YouTube TV in the future?

Right now, you can’t get ESPN Plus on YouTube TV without a subscription. But things could change in the future. If ESPN Plus joins YouTube TV, it would mean one spot for all your favorite sports. This would be great for fans who want everything in one place.

No official plans have been announced yet about ESPN Plus coming to YouTube TV. We have to wait and see what happens next. Stay tuned for any updates on this partnership that could bring even more sports to your screen!

Q: Can I access ESPN Plus content on multiple devices?

Yes, you can watch ESPN Plus on different devices. Once you add ESPN Plus to your YouTube TV, you can enjoy sports from anywhere. Use phones, tablets, computers, or smart TVs with internet. Just sign in with your account and start watching.

Keep in mind there might be limits on how many screens can show live videos at once. This means if too many screens are being used, someone may need to stop watching so another person can start. But for regular shows and replays, everyone can usually watch without any trouble.

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