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Paint by Numbers Instructions

If you haven’t painted by number before, it’s time to try this trendy and useful activity. All you have to do is buy a set or order one in an online store. Next, you should follow the instructions and gradually form your first masterpiece. Buying a painting by numbers for adults will not require you a large monetary investment, and the result will surpass all your expectations of your abilities.

How to choose a painting?

When choosing a painting by number, you should pay attention to some of the points below.

  1. The level of difficulty

It depends on the size of the elements, the outlines of which are applied to the canvas, and the number of colors in the set. Levels of difficulty can be divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced. In complex versions, the picture contains a large number of small and very small details. The difficult level is not recommended for beginners. And the question here is not so much in the complexity of painting very small details as in the possibility of further refinement of the picture, that is, transforming it from a mosaic state into a pictorial work of art. The difficult level requires some experience and skills.

  1. Clarity of application of outlines and figures on the canvas

If they are poorly applied to the surface, it complicates the coloring process, you have to constantly refer to the reference sheet, and it can also be unreadable. Sometimes you have to use a magnifying glass, but this does not always help. Then you are left to guess what color to fill the obscure area. Some areas may be so small that the figures do not fit in them and are moved to the adjacent area. In this case, you must be careful not to paint the neighbouring area in the wrong color. Of course, the error can be corrected by repainting the area in the right color. But overlapping a dark color with a light one is quite problematic, even if you apply it in several layers. The multilayer stain will stand out and be very conspicuous on the finished painting.

  1. Brushes

A set can include one or more synthetic brushes. A brush consists of a tuft of hair, a metal holder or rim, and a handle. The handle can be wooden, lacquered, or plastic. The cheapest but not always the worst brushes are those with a wooden, non-lacquered handle. The hair bundle can be natural or synthetic. Synthetics for acrylic paints are fine, only expensive colonic can be better than it. Brushes can be different sizes, each of which corresponds to a certain number from 0 for the thinnest work to, for example, 20 in a standard set. The numbering of brushes varies from one manufacturer to another.

  1. Paints

Acrylic paint has a limited shelf life which is from 3 to 5 years in a hermetically sealed jar kept in a dark, dry place at 15 – 24 C. Of course, you can not control the process of transportation and storage of paint from the seller. However, when buying a set it is worth paying attention to the date of manufacture and the absence of leaks on the cans.

The paints included in the set are poured into small jars but don’t worry, this volume is more than enough. As the manufacturers claim, the paints are ready to use right out of the cans. Some kinds of paints may need to be diluted and further mixed to get some shades. Although there are special kits where just mixing of paints is provided. Ask the dealer about it before purchasing. In standard kits, all cans are numbered and correspond to the numbering on the canvas.

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