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9 Ways Students Can Find Motivation to Finish That Essay


Let’s be honest. Being a student these days is a tough job. You not only have to get good grades, but you should also look for part-time jobs, manage your finances, eat healthily, and at least try to have a decent study-life balance. 

Amidst all these demands, you might hardly have enough time to work on assignments. However, skipping these papers is impossible if you want to graduate. This means that students often have to work extra hard in order to find motivation. 

If you are having a ‘writing block’ when it comes to essay assignments, here are some tips that could help you find that eluding motivation. 

  1. Try Delegating 

Let us address the most challenging scenario first. There might be days when you are sure you can’t finish an assignment in time. When you are in such a dilemma, no amount of motivation will be sufficient to get the job done.

Instead, you will need to think of smart ways. The easier approach would be to consult a writepaper for me service and get a sample paper written on the same topic. You can even provide your notes to be included in the sample. 

Then it is only a matter of using the sample reference to write your own essay. This will save tons of time, effort, and energy. 

  1. Avoid Procrastination 

Well, procrastination and lack of motivation can lead to a vicious circle. You might be procrastinating because you don’t have the motivation to work, and this could occur the other way too. That is, you might end up losing motivation because you procrastinate. 

Solving this riddle is easier said than done. In hindsight, you might already be blaming yourself for wasting all that time you spent on mindless scrolling. The only way to deal with this is to avoid procrastination the next time. 

However, this requires you to understand why you procrastinate. The most common reason is that the topic might be particularly hard or that you do not like the subject at all. Whatever the reason, the next time you have the tendency to procrastinate, think of the struggles of pulling an all-nighter, and you might find some motivation to get started. 

  1. Break it Down 

When approaching an assignment, you might be thinking in terms of the full paper. Completing the full assignment often requires several hours, and even the thought of working for more than an hour might be daunting. 

Instead, try to break down the assignment into multiple parts. You need not do the research, write the draft, and proofread in one go. Instead, you can get each part done at different times of the day or even on different days. This way, the assignment won’t feel like an unmanageable undertaking. 

  1. Reward the Progression 

As we mentioned above, a little bit of advanced planning can go a long way when you are feeling unmotivated. However, to make things even better, you can also reward yourself once you complete each stage. 

This reward system can turn out to be a powerful motivator and result in a complete change of attitude toward assignments. 

  1. Spend Time With Other Focused Students

The company you keep can also have a significant impact on your motivation. For instance, if you hang out with students who are always late in handing in assignments, you are likely to follow that path. At the least, you might find yourself procrastinating without good reason. 

On the other hand, if you are surrounded by assiduous and hard-working students, their energy level might encourage you to work on your papers too. If you cannot find friends with the same aspirations, you can also try joining an academic club. 

  1. Set up a Dedicated Workspace 

It is no news that having a dedicated workspace can set you in the right mood to work. If you are trying to finish your assignments while lounging on the couch or bed, you might get distracted way too easily. 

But, when you sit at the study desk, then your mind already knows it’s time to focus and get work done. It would also be better if you keep your workspace organized before starting a new assignment. Clean and organized spaces fuel motivation to study when compared to a messy desk. 


  1. Focus on the Outcomes 

Another way to deal with a lack of motivation is to understand the consequences of not handing in your paper on time. Will it affect your grades? Will a bad paper allow you to graduate without any trouble?

Aside from the ramifications of not meeting the deadline, you should also consider the effect of sending the paper in on time. You will not only have the feeling of accomplishment, but you will also improve your chances of getting a better grade. Moreover, you are also likely to learn more when you dedicate sufficient time to the assignment rather than rushing through it. 

  1. Tackle the Hard Part First 

For most students, the biggest challenge is to get started. Once you are already working, you might have no trouble focusing on the essay – even for hours at a time. If you want to tackle this head-on – try to complete the hardest part first. 

For instance, if history is your least favorite subject, get started with the history essay. You might struggle at first; however, once the essay is completed, you will be motivated to move on to the other assignments. And you won’t procrastinate because the other assignments would seem easier in comparison. 

  1. Take on a Challenging Attitude 

Instead of considering an essay assignment a burden, look at it as a challenge. It is the opportunity to improve your knowledge and showcase your capability to your professor. In return, you will achieve good grades. 

Students can consider essays as a challenge for self-improvement, not only in terms of academics – but also in time management. Once you have figured out which of these tips works best for you, you will never find it easy to motivate yourself to sit down and get writing. 

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