BeautyHurela Hair: V Part Wig

Hurela Hair: V Part Wig

V part wig is a new type of hair wig for black women. This upgrade is a one-part wig with no shedding and no sticking. V part wigs can be as elegant or basic as you like, and are great for experimenting with colors, textures and lengths, plus, it allows for a natural look without glue and is beginner-friendly.

With an ongoing commitment to the well-being of women’s natural hair, Hurela Hair believes in the power of confidence and advocates for women’s freedom of appearance. Hurela Hair is dedicated to providing the best quality afterpay wigs for women, including headband wig, u part wigs, full lace wigs, human hair lace front wigs afterpay and more. For more information about hair, please visit:

But there are so many hair vendors who have v part wig and it is difficult to choose the best one for you but for this today, we will telling you about the v part wig.

Why Should You Get a V Part Wig?

A v part wig is quite affordable as compared to other hair wigs, and hence, it is budget-friendly and an easy purchase. You can always find it in the wigs for sale section as well. The wig is easily removable and wearable. Hence, it is the best solution for quick styling of your hair. This is the easiest go-to hairstyle that you can choose on a day when you are running late.

Details of V Part Wig 

Hair Material: 100% Brazilian real human hair cut from a donor. The entire cuticle is aligned. Can be dyed, permed, bleached, styled just like your own hair. Bouncy, soft and comfortable.

Features: V part wig can blend well with your natural hair. Breathable and comfortable. No glue and no sewing. No storage cap required. wear and go. Super secure.

Cap Size: An average wig cap (circumference: 22-22.5 inches) fits most head sizes. Can be adjusted with straps and comb, 5 clips in front.

Manufacturing Method: Machine made and hand stitched

Wig Advantage: Wear a non-stick human hair wig. It’s a life saver on busy days, gym days and unexpected meetings. No lace, no glue sewn.

Features of V part wig 

  • No equipment
  • No glue
  • Leave Out or No Leave-out
  • Blend in with your natural hairline
  • Matches the roots of your hair
  • Beginner friendly
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Leave 99%-100% less hair than a U-part wig

No more trying to hide the obvious little lace holes that everyone notices in your real life where there are no social media filters. No more trying to juggle big vacations. No more glue.

This wig is perfect for women who prefer their extensions to look natural and authentic in real life. You won’t have to hide lace holes, aggressive baby hair, or trying to blend in a vacation. Now you can wear your real part without leaving or with just thin strands of your hair.


After reading this blog, we all will to buy the best and hot selling v part wig and body wave v part wig from Hurela. We all know the v part wig is very popular among fashionable black women. We have the new in v part wig human hair, such as kinky straight v part wig and kinky curly v part wig, the textures are blend natural with Africa-American women. You can just try them to change your look easily.

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