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How Assisted Living Will Improve Your Quality of Life

Deciding to move into assisted living is difficult, especially when it means waving goodbye to your life-long home, possessions, and nearby friends. However, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to start a fresh chapter, keep hold of your independence, and be part of a community. Throughout this article, we’ll let you know how an assisted living environment will improve your quality of life.  

Access to 24/7 Care

The most obvious benefit of assisted living is access to high-quality care 24/7. Medical conditions are much more likely to strike during old age, and receiving care as soon as possible is essential. When you live in a residential facility like Belmont Village assisted living Burbank CA, a team of healthcare professionals will provide medical and daily care. When you receive care immediately, you’re much more likely to live a longer and healthier life. 

Opportunities for Social Interaction

When we age, it’s easy to withdraw from society because of mobility problems or a lack of self-worth. However, socialization is an important part of life and can help boost our mental health and motivate us to keep going. When you make the move to assisted living, you will be surrounded by residents and have access to a rich entertainment schedule. 

Plenty of Free Time

When you live independently, you have to put time aside to keep on top of the cleaning and other tasks, which can become overwhelming during old age. Living in an assisted living community removes the stress of being a homeowner. The extra free time means you can focus on hobbies, plan a dream cruise, and catch up on that ever-growing reading list. 

More Independence

This may sound a little backward, considering you’re moving to an assisted living, but hear us out. You will receive high levels of care and assistance with daily routines. However, support is given based on an assessment, with a key focus being to allow as much independence as possible. Essentially, you get to take control of your life, and the residents are there to support you when needed.

Safe Transport Options

As mobility and mental capabilities reduce, driving a car becomes dangerous, meaning your life will be at risk every time you visit the shop or attend appointments. However, if you move into an assisted living community, you will have access to safe transport whenever you need it. 

Access to Healthy Meals

Eating properly is important when you age, but cooking can start to feel like a real chore when you live alone, which can lead to eating ready meals and junk food. Fortunately, with assisted living, you will have an extensive menu of meals cooked for you every day. All you need to do is take enjoyment in life and pick your food.

Keeping hold of independence is essential for living well during old age, but there comes a time when independence can become dangerous. Assisted living, on the other hand, takes out the danger by offering a helping hand through your senior years. 

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