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A Guide To Storing Your Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations can bring your entire house to life and get you into the Christmas spirit. You need to ensure that you store your decorations with care once the holiday is over because so many of them are fragile. Check out this guide for storing your Christmas decorations properly.

Declutter First

There’s a good chance you have some Christmas decorations you need to get rid of. Because of this, you should go through them before you put everything into storage. If something is broken or you don’t love it like you used to, there is no need to store it. Throw away broken decorations, and donate decorations that you don’t want to keep. 

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If you tend to keep all the holiday cards that others give you from year to year, now is the time to eliminate some of them. Just keep a few of your favorite cards, and take pictures of the ones you plan on getting rid of so that you will always have a photo to refer to if you want to see them again.

Test And Wrap Lights

Before you store your Christmas lights, you must test them first. Don’t assume they still work since you just took them off your Christmas tree or your house. Wires and bulbs can get damaged easily when they are taken down. 

If the lights aren’t working and you don’t just want to get rid of them, you should take the time to inspect the bulbs to see if any need to be replaced. Before placing the lights into a storage container, wrap them carefully. Place a zip tie around them to hold them in place. 

Don’t just throw them in a box because they’ll become a tangled mess you will have to deal with when it comes time to decorate for the holidays again.

Divide Decorations Into Categories

If you are like most people, there’s a good chance you have many Christmas decorations. If you don’t store them correctly, you may be very overwhelmed when it comes time to unpack them right before the holidays. You can make it much easier by dividing your decorations into categories before storing them. 

For example, you can store all the decorations together that you plan on putting in a specific room. You can also store similar decorations, like Santa Christmas ornaments, together. There is no right or wrong way to categorize your decorations as long as it makes them easier to unpack and find specific items the following year.

Use The Right Storage

Good quality decorations do not come cheap, and you’ve probably spent a lot of money on your Christmas decorations. You need to ensure they are as safe as possible while in storage. This is why you should use the right storage containers. You need to utilize bins that are sturdy and able to keep out moisture. 

While it may cost more upfront to get adequate storage, you won’t have to spend money each year replacing ornaments that got broken. Wrap each ornament with a piece of paper, and put them in an empty egg carton. If you have holiday pillows or blankets that you plan on storing, place them around your ornaments to keep your ornaments from rattling around.

Label Each Container

Before you put each container into storage, you need to make sure that you label them. You might find an item that you want to locate quickly, and you don’t want to go through each container to do so. If you don’t want to write on the containers with a permanent marker, you can always place a piece of packing tape on each one and write on the tape.

No matter how many Christmas ornaments you have, you need to take the time to store them properly. This will ensure that they remain safe and that you can easily unpack and find all the items you are looking for when it comes time to decorate your home for the holidays.

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