AutoHow An Aftermarket Transmission Can Improve Your Vehicle's Performance

How An Aftermarket Transmission Can Improve Your Vehicle’s Performance

Power is a critical element that makes any kind of machine run, your vehicle included. Its generation and delivery are both essential factors that contribute to its operation. While many street vehicle enthusiasts eye engine and exhaust upgrades, one shouldn't overlook the transmission system's role in how that power is applied to the drivetrain and wheels. In this short guide, you'll learn how an aftermarket transmission can seriously ramp up your vehicle's performance. 

Manual Transmissions

Street road and performance vehicles come with either manual or automatic transmissions. The two types of systems accomplish the same thing but use different construction styles. Manual transmissions incorporate a clutch assembly with a disc and pedal plus a flywheel, gears, synchronizer, a selector fork and a stick shift. In contrast, an automatic transmission contains a torque converter paired with a clutch pack, planetary gears, an output shaft and an oil distribution system to disperse transmission fluid evenly throughout the unit. 

While your vehicle may have come equipped with a stock manual transmission from the factory, you can gain some benefits from upgrading. A Zumbrota transmission such as its RMT1393 and TY758 models meets OEM specifications while being inspected and dynometer-tested to confirm performance and quality. 

Remanufactured Transmissions

There's a major difference between a used transmission and a remanufactured transmission. When a transmission is rebuilt, it's in the hands of skilled experts who recondition the unit at a qualified facility. Once a transmission arrives for rebuilding, it goes through an arduous process: disassembly, cleaning, inspection, reconstruction and dynometer testing. Only after completing this process is a remanufactured transmission ready for sale. 

Rebuilt transmissions exist for several makes and model years. ATK Engines offers GM remanufactured transmissions, including highly rated models like its GM 6L80 and GM 4L60E. With ATK's rigorous testing and high standards, you get dependable durability and performance out of your transmission rebuild. 

Performance Transmissions

A performance transmission is a logical next step up from a stock version. With higher-quality components and precision engineering, they're designed to withstand the harsh demands placed on them during drag, street and track racing. You don't even have to own a street rod to install a performance transmission: Its durability, reliability and quality make it an excellent choice for everyday driving. 

Performance transmissions come with several notable benefits. They shift more smoothly than stock versions, allowing faster acceleration when you're behind the wheel. Its clutches and axles spin more quickly, which ensures precision control while shifting gears. Pairing your transmission with a high-performance engine creates an ideal combination in both power generation and delivery. Both upgrades can help turn your vehicle into a formidable machine.  

Where To Find an Aftermarket Transmission

Aftermarket transmissions can offer significant performance improvements when compared to their stock counterparts. When you shop for your transmission replacement, be sure to choose a reputable dealer of high-performance auto parts and accessories. You get access to a selection of specialty products crafted and tested to deliver the best quality, value and performance possible, along with excellent service and advice from its experts. 

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