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Box Spring | How important is your mattress foundation for a hotel bed?

Maintaining a hotel bedroom worthy of a 5-star rating is one hospitality industry requirement that every hotelier must follow. Your hotel guest room should be nothing less than flawless to guarantee that your guests enjoy their stay. DZEE Textiles has you covered in this respect, thankfully. We are confident that our enormous selection of wholesale hotel bedding and bed accessories will satisfy all of your needs.

Simply using a white sheet set and comforter set to spruce up your hotel bed is insufficient. You need to have everything to give your hotel bed a nice, premium appearance. Bed linens such as flat sheets, fitted sheets, pillowcases, pillow covers, duvet inserts, bed scarves, box spring wraps, etc. are included to enhance your guest room’s decor.

What is a box spring?

A box spring is a wooden frame that is stuffed with metal grids or springs and is used to support a mattress. The box spring is situated under the mattress of a bed frame and covered in fabric. They are designed to fit mattresses in most standard sizes, ranging from twin to king.

5 main purposes of a box spring

 Among the various functions of a box spring are:

  • Increasing mattress support
  • Increasing the lifetime of the mattress
  • Minimizing wear and tear and protecting the mattress by absorbing impact
  • Enhancing breathability and airflow to make sleeping cooler
  • Helping to stop the development of mold and mildew outside the mattress

While the mattress supports the body, the box spring makes sure the mattress is well-supported. 

Additionally, box springs increase the height of a mattress, making it simpler to get in and out of bed. 

Why Should a hotel Use a Box Spring

Quality box springs improve mattress performance and increase durability. Hotels use box spring because it spreads weight evenly and absorbs movement to minimize wear and tear and extend mattress lifespan.

Better Airflow

Box springs are mostly hollow, save from the coils and supported by wood from inside. More air circulates around your mattress when you use a box spring, and if the box spring is well-designed, air will also circulate through it. 

Adaptation to Shock

Box springs also assist in shock absorption, which is another advantage. A box spring absorbs some of the force created when you lay down on your mattress, turn over in your sleep due to insomnia, or your pet jumps up for hugs. Your mattress can rest on a stable platform, and it also absorbs shock, which lessens mattress deterioration. This makes sure that your mattress has a long comfort life and that you have a restful night’s sleep.

Why is a box spring cover required?

Cleanliness, the burden on cleaning staff, and finally delivering a remarkable guest experience are just a few of the numerous factors a hotelier nowadays must take into account when considering enhancing guest rooms. Box spring covers are a straightforward yet creative product that may quickly update a guest room. They not only assist in removing dust and allergies but also safeguard your mattress against everyday deterioration, extending its total lifespan and enhancing its quality. A box spring cover is also a simple way to give your guest room an additional layer of flair.

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