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Bizotic Login: In A Nutshell

Bizotic has been recognized as the best online portal to enrol in different forms of education. If you are in search of the right place to enhance your skills at the college level, then immediately start with the Bizotic Login process with no delay made whatsoever. 

Starting from training, practice, and assessment to success, education plays a vital role in shaping your future like never before. Get hold of the best possible learning opportunities right from your desk by following the upcoming set of registration and login processes.

What Is Bizotic?

Bizotic lets you access the necessary tools that are required to excel as the best in terms of industry choices. After enrolling as a student with Bizotic, a well-known training and assessment type of service-providing company, you will be able to explore higher education space made available with more than fifty-plus management and professional colleges. 

It’s a must for every student to log in to the respective learning portal for various purposes, and they are listed in the upcoming section.

What Are The Benefits Of Bizotic?

The kind of benefits you are about to yield as a student are countless. Starting from getting engaged in the training session, detailed analysis system, and continuous assessment, there are many core benefits that you get under one roof by logging into your student portal account. 

This student-based login portal helps them understand their progress and find possible ways to unlearn and explore new things, which in one way or another, reflects in an improvised performance by the end of the year. Career dreams get achieved only with such progressive thinking instilled in the students.

Notable benefits for students:

  • Bizotic has innovative solutions incorporated into the login page, like topic-based test results, product stack, industry analytics, assessment platform, and much more. Every other student who has enrolled under Bizotic gets to access such solutions firsthand.
  • SMS type of feedback system is the latest technology that Bizotic has been utilizing to stay in touch with all their students. The messages are sent directly to the mobile number as shared by the student and can be accessed by logging into the student portal as well.
  • The real-time trainer feedback mechanism lets the student rate the training as per each session. Such a unique feedback system lets the student pick the learning process, and the college admin does oversee the trainer ratings from time to time and makes relevant changes to them as well.
  • The Analytics platform, as found in the student portal, provides detailed class test reports for both the students and the college admins. Such reports are vitally used to assess the present abilities of the student, the learning gaps, and for overall standing purposes as well.

How To Register For Bizotic?

Registering with Bizotic is quite an easy task. All you need to provide are some of your basic details, like, name, email address, date of birth, residential address, educational qualification, mobile number, and other ones as mentioned in the registration form. Registering with Bizotic only takes a few seconds of your time as the details are collected in basic to let you access the skill development courses curated in the first place.

What Is The Login Process For Bizotic?

Logging into your account after completing the registration process can be done by visiting the student portal from any of your internet-enabled smartphones, PC, or laptop.

  • Visit the official student portal page of Bizotic
  • Enter your registered mobile number under the given box
  • Ensure the password is entered before selecting the ‘Login’ button

That’s it; you’re good to access every other resource as integrated into the student portal. The dashboard has a quick connection to different features that are required to let you stay updated on the course details.

What Is The Password Recovery Process Of Bizotic?

Recovering your forgotten password shall be a cakewalk, as the login portal provides the same facility for all its users.

  • Visit the official student login portal of Bizotic through any internet-connected browser.
  • Click upon the ‘Forgot Password’ as found below the login boxes.
  • Now, you need to enter the email address which you have shared during the registration process and click on the ‘Send’ button.
  • Go to your email inbox, and you must have received an official message regarding the forgotten password issue.
  • Follow the link as provided in the email to recover your password, or copy and paste the password from the mail for the same purpose.

Afterwards, you will have to enter the new password to complete the recovery process.


Bizotic is a renowned training and assessment servicing company known for offering the best-in-class training for online students through its expert set of trainers. All their integrated feedback and admin dashboard system has made students pick courses through them.

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