BlogOpeninet Indiabulls: A Complete Banking Guide

Openinet Indiabulls: A Complete Banking Guide

Indiabulls is a home loan provider exclusively operating for customers coming from in and around India. Investing in your own home shall bring the utmost joy and happiness to everyone. The excitement to build memories in a property can go skyrocket for you and your family members. 

The online and instant home loan provided by OpeniNet Indiabulls website is more convenient to access and ensures the best attractive interest rate for all their customers. Their flexible repayment options have made new home buyers choose Indiabulls over other competitive home loan providers. 

Keep reading as we are about to provide information related to online registration, the login process, password resetting, and much more.

A Review Of Indiabulls iNet Com Website

Salaried individuals living in India have found the Indiabulls iNet website useful, as the online registration process for acquiring a home loan is simple and hassle-free at the same time. The speedy processing to clear up the home loan prices is what brought many customers to this particular home loan provider. 

As they provide individual login options for their customers, many of them have found them reliable when compared to others. The exclusive account created for the customer can be used anytime to track the application status, get hold of the interest certificate, provisional statement, request to change the contact details, and much more. 

How Can You Login In OpenInet IndiaBulls com

Once you have signed up with an account, you can log in using registered credentials through the official website of Indiabulls iNet. Make use of your internet-enabled smartphone, laptop, personal computer, or tablet, and open iNet Indiabulls official website. 

Enter the username and type in the password in the relevant check boxes. The default password shall start from the PAN card number of the user, followed by the six-digit SAP code. If you are yet to share PAN card details, then you can type in the month the account was created in the first place.

How To Reset The Password Of Indiabulls iNet

People who have forgotten their account password can quickly retrieve their account using the ‘Reset Password’ option as found on the login page of Indiabulls iNet. By selecting this option, you will be transferred to a new tab where entering the User Name shall be the first step towards recovering the account. Afterward, you need to answer any two questions from the provided security question sheet.

The security questions are the ones that you must have already filled in during the registration process. Every customer will be given ten questions, from which two shall be utilised to reset the password. Answering two questions is mandatory to reset the password and recover the account with ease. If you have forgotten answers to the provided questions, you get an option to refresh them a maximum of five times.

1. Ensure the answers are correct before submitting the password reset form.

2. After rightly entering the answers to the security questions, you will be prompted to generate an OTP.

3. It will be sent to your mobile number. Enter it in the next window, and click upon the Submit OTP button.

4. Now, enter the new password and confirm it to get hold of your account on the go.

Steps To Register On IndiaBulls iNet

The first step to register as a user is to open iNet Indiabulls official website in a browser through your smartphone or PC. The registration process can be completed in a few minutes. 

1. From the homepage of I net Indiabulls, you need to click on the Apply Now button

2. A new tab in the browser shall open asking you to choose the product that you are about to choose from, either a home loan or a loan against property

3. After making the right choice, enter your mobile number and click on the Submit button

4. An OTP shall be sent to your mobile number, and it must be entered in the next window to confirm your Identity

5. After this, provide the basic information related to name, email address, date of birth, gender, and loan preferences.

That’s it; you have successfully registered with Indiabulls iNet and are ready to get hold of a loan in one go.


Home loans processed through e-Apply, e-Sanction, and e-Disburse are the latest trend, and Indiabulls iNet does it effortlessly. Apply, access, and watch your property grow by rightly choosing IndiaBulls as your home loan provider. 

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