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7 Steps to Set and Achieve Realistic Goals


Realistic, in this case, is quite relative since we all have our definition and perspective of what “realistic” looks like. Let’s say, what’s the most pragmatic way you can go about actually achieving your dreams and aspirations? 

We’ve come up with tips to keep your drive ignited and to give you some practical advice on your way to your goals. And on that note, if you want to get time off of school because you feel it’s taking away from your real passions, just visit domyhomeworkabc’s website. Hire an expert to do your schoolwork, and don’t worry – everything’s confidential. 

Moving along, here are some steps you can take in order to succeed at what you’re aiming for.

  1. Know Your Why And Your How

Almost all of us strive for something; it gives purpose to our lives. Some of us might trailblaze through our “goals” and realize a tad too late that this wasn’t really what we wanted in the end. Some of us drop this goal, and some of us lament the dreaded emptiness or struggle for something and end up not actually caring for it or liking it. 

If you want to avoid this, you must set your intentions and get honest with yourself ASAP. Your reason doesn’t have to be noble or overly interesting, but it has to be something you genuinely want to strive for because you want to do it for yourself and not others.

Don’t strive for the validation of others, do it for yourself by realizing that sooner, you’re already setting yourself up better than most. 

Once you’ve established your “Why,” when it comes to your goals, let’s look at your “How.” Your “How” consists of the steps and the overall plan of how you will get to your goals. So, ask yourself:

  • How would I really go about achieving my goals?
  • What steps can I take now to get started?
  • What steps can I take for a prolonged period of time in order to get there?
  • How much time will I devote to achieving this goal? 
  • What am I willing to change and sacrifice to achieve it? 

By responding to these questions and using the answers to craft your plan and blueprint to success, you’ve now established the simple details of your “How.” And it’s all on you to expand on your starter blueprint later on. You’ll most likely need to refine it.

  1. Work At It Daily, Even In Small Doses

Consistency can beat intensity at times or most of the time. When it comes to achieving big ambitious goals, it’s more about the output you can put in during a longer period than the intensity of what you can do in a short period. 

We acknowledge that having an intense work output when it comes to your goals is a great thing, but if that intensity isn’t sustainable and only lasts for a few days, you won’t be getting too far. That’s why being consistent and disciplined is important.

If you can, work on your goal daily, even if some days only allow you to work on it for a little bit. Success is a marathon, not a sprint. 

  1. Keep Your Body Health

This is a very easy-to-overlook rule when it comes to achieving your goals. We won’t be able to do anything if we can’t take care of our bodies. If we burn out and get ourselves too sick, we’ll just be wasting even more time to recover. It’s better to know when to rest and to take that rest day. Do not feel guilty for not working; you can’t work all the time and expect not to burn out.

Sometimes, and we mean it happens quite often, the best ideas for progress come when we’re not working on the goal at hand but when we’re doing nothing. When the mind wanders, it can be a beautiful thing.

A solution to a problem you’ve been obsessing about could come unexpectedly while you’re resting or doing something else other than working, so take this time as a sacred time to reset and perhaps refresh yourself with new perspectives and ideas.

  1. Keep Your Mind and Heart Right

Your mental health can quickly deteriorate if you’re working too hard and you deprive yourself of every imaginable joy in your life because of it. Be kind to yourself, and let yourself enjoy what you like at times. Just like resting your body, you have to take care of your mental health as well.

When you’re treating your mind right, your heart usually follows. So, do things that make you happy from time to time, and be in that moment. Be present and mindful. You can come back to work at any given point, but it will be hard to keep striving if the tools at your disposal are at a breaking point. 


  1. The Path Is Flexible; The End Goal Remains The Same

Don’t be too controlling about how things unfold on your path to success. No matter how solid your game plan is, life is unpredictable, and there will always be things that will come up that you won’t expect. Instead of dwelling over it, realize that being intelligent means being able to adapt to changes.

You only need to remember what you’re striving for, and as long as you have that in mind, it won’t matter too much how you get there. You just need to find a way.

  1. Reframe How You See And Deal With Setbacks

Too many give up because of negativity, failure, obstacles, and setbacks. Many people shrink or shy away from what they really want to accomplish when it gets too harsh, and it’s understandable. Not everyone has to strive for something; some people are happy by just living and enjoying themselves.

But for those who do have an ambition they want to manifest into reality, failure is the mother of success. You shouldn’t give up because of it, pain is there to move you, but it’s not the end of your story. 

It’s important to reframe your perspective on what failure is in order to see the bigger picture and keep on striving for your goals. 

  1. Have Utter Faith In Yourself

Last but not least, you should have complete faith in what you’re doing and in yourself. If you really want to succeed, this last bit isn’t really negotiable. It’s possibly essential to keep you going through the hardships. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you can apply what you’ve read in this article. Most of us strive for something, but if you want to genuinely achieve one of your goals, the road isn’t always easy. If you don’t quit and if you keep believing in it, there’s always a way forward.

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