Beauty3 Classic Curly Hairstyles For Men Medium Length Hairs

3 Classic Curly Hairstyles For Men Medium Length Hairs

1. Simple Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are considered extremely popular this season for men. Famously known as the “military-style haircut,” it is considered extremely versatile and low maintenance as it simply “wash and go”! Although it is fancied mostly because of its athletic and businessman-like look, it is appropriate for any age and lifestyle!

2. Blowout For Men

A blowout hairstyle is something that gives off a rather breezy, laid-back, wild, and spontaneous vibe! So, why not try blowouts for men more often? If you wish to enhance the look even further, try adding faded cuts on the back and sides. 

3. Clean Side Swept Hair 

To bring out the edgy and bold side of you, ditch the middle parting and try this one! From a high fade to a low one, choose whatever appeals to your senses. This classic hairstyle is timeless and never runs out of fashion. Sophistication rules till eternity and Asian men look good in this style. 


Types Of Hairstyles In Men Medium Hair

1.  Semi Curls

These waves are more than enough to get people caught up in your flamboyance. The overall mood of this hairdo set is uncanny for sure. Tapered sides and the top slicked back is just what you need to have to get those perfect curls!

2.  Classic Taper & Messy Brush Back

Combine this hairstyle with a black leather jacket, and boom! You have yourself a hundred spectators already as you walk into the room and stand right there in the spotlight! I mean, who doesn’t like a bold tapered look?

Attractive Medium Length Men Hairstyles

1.  Hippie-Esque

When treated rightly, thick hair turns out to be a blessing, indeed! After you remove some of the weight, try to incorporate some long and carefree layers into your look- channel your inner hippie! Deep part your hair and blow-dry it away from your face after washing it. To finish the look, apply a light-hold pomade to your hair and tousle with your fingertips. 

2.  Beachy

To achieve a beachy hair look, you certainly don’t have to live near the ocean! All you have to do is grow your hair to about chin length and inculcate some light layers in it; this would provide body and shape to your beachy hair look. Complete the warm and sun-kissed look by going for a balayage.    

Medium Length Men Hairstyles To Try Out With Straight Hair 

 1.   Textured Fringe

A textured fringe is something anyone can rock, and especially for dudes with straight hair, it comes with various textured styles. The key is to take your face shape and hair texture into consideration and then choose the perfect textured fringe for yourself!

2.   Hard Part

Usually paired with a fade, a hard part is simply a shaved part that is worn on one side of the head. Get yourself a killer barber for this one, folk, as it is very important to find a good combination that works for you.

 3.   Short Quiff

A shorter quiff cut looks extremely masculine and flattering on guys with fine and straight hair! It also isn’t tough to do at all! Just wash your hair, blow dry, and pull your hair back to induce a dramatic look.


In the past year of 2021, a couple of hairstyles that were in style:

1. Wavy French Crop 

Flattering on men of all ages, a simple wavy French crop is something that is admired by all for how low-key effortlessly cool it looks. Defined by a short fringe, it is quite similar to the Caesar cut as well. You can experiment and figure out what works best for you.

2. Angular Hairstyle With Curly Bang

Since bangs are so much in style these days, bangs with curly hair can be achieved quite easily as well. Wash your hair, and then apply pomade when damp. Tousle with your fingertips, and with the help of a round brush, gather the top portion of your hair in whatever direction you wish to twist it. 

After that, blow-dry with an upward motion with a brush! Once you are done with it, finish off the final look by applying hair wax to get that perfect curly bang hairstyle!

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