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Timeless Gifts for Your Anniversary: How to Plan Ahead and Get the Right Item This Year

Are you sick of always getting the wrong thing? Is the idea of another year in the doghouse fueling you to do better? Then let us see if we can help you to break the curse and end your anniversary blues.

An anniversary should be more than a test, but if you consistently either forget entirely to celebrate the date or may have a half-hearted approach to it, then your wife, partner, or husband may well take it very personally indeed.

Now, there may be many reasons why you don’t rise to the occasion on these special days, but that’s not much of an excuse, even more so if you don’t seek to better yourself. If you need some help in this department, then hopefully, the tips below, as well as some great gift ideas, may help you to get yourself back in your loved one’s good books.

Three-Step Plan to Getting it Right This Year

The following three-step plan will undoubtedly help you to get your gift buying plans into gear.

Plan Ahead

Don’t leave things until the last minute. Set up a series of reminders to help you prepare for the big day. This may seem obvious, but it’s an issue that many of us suffer. Sometimes life just gets in the way, and before you notice it, the day has arrived, and you are left in a panic, driving to the nearest store to pick up something utterly meaningless.

Don’t Be Generic

Clearly, being unique is a tall order but getting a generic gift, perhaps the same as you did last year, is just not good enough, and you probably are more than aware of this fact. Take the time to think about your wife, husband, or partner and consider what they’d really like, something that speaks to them personally.

Be Direct

If, after a period of contemplation, you can’t think of a suitable gift, there is genuinely no harm in asking what your loved one wants. Hopefully, they’ve dropped hints or at least told you what they don’t want, but if they haven’t, then just be direct and tell them that you need assistance. They may well appreciate the honesty, and at least that helps you prevent the purchase of something totally unsuitable.

Some Ideas for Timeless Gifts

To help you get in the mood and give you an idea of some options, here are a handful of great gift ideas that may well be ideal for your next anniversary.

Priceless Jewelry – A Timeless Custom-Made Gift

An item of personalized jewelry is the perfect marriage of the luxury that comes from a stylish item of jewelry with the statement that comes from the custom-made nature of the form it takes. 

Consider getting your loved one a personalized necklace that might spell out a secret pen name you have for them or might spell out the letters of your children. The market in custom-made jewelry is booming right now, and this is a fantastic anniversary gift that will be delightfully received. 

There are many different types and styles to consider, so you are bound to find an item that is just perfect.

Mark the Date – Night Sky Print

If you want to hit all the right buttons this anniversary, then consider getting a night sky print for your loved one. The image will display the way the stars were literally aligned on the night you met. 

This is one of those thoughtful gifts that works on many levels. Firstly the print is stylish and has aesthetic value; secondly, it’s a reminder to both of you of just how special it was the time you met (so don’t hang it in the toilet), and thirdly, it’s a real conversational piece for when you have friends over. 

This gift will not only get you out of the doghouse, but you’ll also have earned some serious brownie points.

A Present With a Hidden Meaning – Deluxe Carry-On Suitcase

Yes, this is a present that means more than is initially apparent; in fact, it’s more of a means to an end. You gift this sophisticated carry-on suitcase and urge her to open it up, and within it, they’ll find an airline ticket for a romantic break.

This is a well-thought-out gift that takes planning, but it’s a great way to usher in a new year with the love of your life. You’ll have to get everything sorted out before; in other words, sneak their passport away so you can make the relevant bookings and then whisk them away to the airport for a great getaway that will certainly erase the memory of those anniversaries you may have forgotten or not tried hard enough on. 

Just for Fun – Definitely Not a Bored Game

If you’ve never heard of the ‘Where Should We Begin Card Game,’ then you need to start now. This is an ingenious card game created by world-renowned psychologist Esther Perel and will certainly lead to you finding out more about your partner than you might be expecting.

This type of side gift might go well following a swanky night out on the town but be prepared for an exciting night of revelation and some sexy action. You were warned!

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