BlogYouTube vs Vimeo: Which is Better for You?

YouTube vs Vimeo: Which is Better for You?

Did you know that people are 95% more likely to retain a message when they receive it through a video than text? No wonder businesses and influencers have started using videos as a marketing tool. In fact, the current number of YouTube channels has crossed 51-million (which is 36% higher than last year!).

The majority has also invested at least once in a YouTube growth service. It refers to the promotional agencies that help YouTube creators by increasing likes, shares, and subscribers using well-thought strategies. However, YouTube is not the only place perfect for video marketing.

Vimeo is another amazing platform, launched a year earlier than YouTube in 2004. It has over 60-million content creators who upload videos and live streams regularly. And the count seems to be growing every day.

So, with two great platforms available, which one should you choose for your business? Feeling confused? Well, worry not, because we’ve done a complete comparison for you below!

Audience Level

Also considered the second largest search engine, YouTube receives around 2.6-billion users every month. That’s almost half of the people who have access to the Internet! 

Comparatively, Vimeo only has 230-million monthly users, with the majority in the USA. So, if you want to display your content to a massive audience, YouTube is the best. However, be ready for the high competition levels too.  


The main difference between YouTube and Vimeo is that the latter doesn’t allow ads. It means there are no pre-rolls ads, no ad earnings, or ad sponsorships. While this prevents you from making money, it keeps the audience happy and satisfied.

Nobody likes it when random ads pop up to disturb the video. Some even exit the video with irritation. Vimeo avoids this discontent and helps you convey your message to the viewers effectively.

Video Quality

Since YouTube receives heavy traffic, it compresses the uploaded videos to make space for the new ones. So, even though you will be able to upload a greater number of videos, the quality will deteriorate. Your videos may appear blurry.

Surprisingly, the same videos published on Vimeo have better quality. It’s because the platform uses higher bitrate and sound quality. However, you need to have a paid plan to benefit from this video quality.

Privacy & Embedding Options

Vimeo clearly outshines YouTube when it comes to privacy and embedding options. The platform gives you great control over the settings. You can put passwords on uploaded content for when you want to review it or make it accessible to premium subscribers.

There’s a separate private reviewing feature that enables all the collaborators to have a look and leave notes for any improvisation. Vimeo also lets you:

●     Decide where the videos are embeddable

●     Restrict embedding to websites, even if it’s yours

●     Customize the web player using your branding 

Meanwhile, YouTube has very limited options. You can either completely turn off the embedding or turn it on everywhere. You can also only protect the uploads by making them private or unlisted.


YouTube is a free video place that offers unlimited storage and hosting access to its users. You don’t need to worry about using up all the space, making payments, etc. Just make a profile and start creating.

However, while Vimeo is also free, it limits the creators to 500 MB of space per week. You can get this limit extended by choosing a paid plan. These plans also come with advanced features and editing tools.

So, Who’s the Winner?

Having compared in detail, we can conclude that there’s no best video marketing place. Both platforms have their pros and cons. And so, the platform better for you is the one that lets you fulfill your purpose.

YouTube is a free, massive platform that promises amazing growth. It’s a great place for someone starting out as a brand, influencer, etc.  However, if you want to gain attention from focused and professional users, then Vimeo is the go-to option.

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