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Why You Should Leave Tree Care To The Professionals

Trees are important, and public service organizations been going out of their way to raise public consciousness of this for the past 50 years. Nowadays, most of us appreciate the importance of them, and we tried to only remove trees when necessary. However, sometimes that necessity does exist.

They can actually be parasitic to other trees, and nature actually does clear out areas through wildfires, the natural grazing of animals and so forth, things that human presence tends to suppress. However, a lot of people are tempted to do tree lopping and tree removal on their own, due to tree removal cost.

The truth of the matter is, doing the stuff on your own is dangerous. In the case of tree lopping, you can accidentally kill the tree or at least make it look awful, it takes a skilled hand in a true understanding of trees to do lopping properly. When it comes to tree removal, doing it yourself can wind up a lot more costly.

When removing a tree, it can be very hard to predict exactly where it will fall, and before actually removing the tree itself, limbs and branches may have to be removed first. These can fall on cars, fall on property, fall on buildings, etc. They can result in severe personal injury, among many other things.

On top of this, there are many situations where there could be life in that tree, such as aggressive animals or dangerous insects which only professionals know how to deal with. In some cases in Australia, the United States and the European Union, certain species of trees are also protected by law. In these situations, the trees can still be removed, but only in certain, very delicate ways where the trees can be transplanted to either a sort of nature preserve, or somewhere in the wild where they will continue to flourish. A prime example in the United States are Sequoia trees, certain dogwood trees and Heritage Oaks in Florida.

Certain pine trees in Australia are similarly protected, so even if you think you have what it takes to remove the tree on your own, you could very well be breaking the law by doing this without consulting local ecological experts first.

But, how hard is it to do tree lopping really?

Trees are complicated organisms, despite what many people may think. If you cut the wrong branch, or overdo it in lopping or pruning a tree, you can kill it. It also takes an artistic hand to lop or prune a tree in a way that it looks good. We’ve all seen the lousy job that a lot of government employees do when cutting limbs away from power lines, often butchering them to the point of looking terrible. In several cases in the United States, lawsuits were levied against city governments due to their tree trimming crews killing very old trees on people’s properties as a matter of fact.

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