OutdoorTourists Often Leave A Penny At The Grave Of Which Man?

Tourists Often Leave A Penny At The Grave Of Which Man?

John Wilkes Booth, a renowned American Stage Actor was the man where tourists often leave a penny during the visit. He was the same person who assassinated President Lincoln before being killed on April 14, 1865. Well, President Andrew Johnson returned his body to his family four years after the assassination.

The family of Booth’s later buried the body in an unmarked grave in the family plot located at Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland. Well, even after his death, Booth has got a lot of inspired fan base who appreciated his deeds. So, even now you can see a lot of tourists leaving pennies behind on the grave as it contains the face of Abraham Lincoln.

Booth assassinated President Lincoln at Ford’s Theater in Washington. He used a 4.4. Caliber Derringer pistol which was a small handgun to fire a single shot on Lincoln’s brain while syncing the sound with the audience’s laughter. After shooting at a point black range, Booth jumped to the stage and escaped into the darkness. 

However, the whole army was sent to hunt the assassin and after two weeks of the hunt, they found Booth in a Barn. One of the soldiers among the federal troops shot Booth in the neck two hours after which Booth died. 

Booth’s father was Junius Brutus Booth, considered the finest Shakespearean actor of his generation. He also had a brother named Edwin, whose name is enlisted among the greatest American actors of all time. With a successful career going on, Booth earned a whopping $20,000 a year during the Civil War. This is the same time when an average family would hardly earn around $300 a year. So, he was probably one of the most successful men of that time.

Alongside a successful career, Booth was also a socialist and a supporter of the poor’s of Maryland. But, as Lincoln’s harsh rules surrounded the south, Booth decided to stop him from destroying his motherland. Well, soon after the reelection was held in November 1864, Booth started planning to kidnap Lincoln and ransom him with some Confederate Prisoners from Northern Jails.

  Booth drained around $10,000 to exhibit a perfect plan to kidnap and ransom Lincoln for the prisoners. One of his plans includes capturing Lincoln from his box at Ford’s theater. Unfortunately, all of these plans failed one by one until a year later. He also left his film career to give his time to frame such schemes to exhibit a perfect kidnap plan. Booth also worked with some people who left him after the plan to capture Lincoln while he traveled in his carriage failed.

Well, later on, Booth decided to kill Lincoln along with the top official thus started a plan for it along with two of his conspirators. He gradually learned that Lincoln and his wife are about to appear at Ford’s theater. They were attending a play named “Our American Cousin”. The commanding general, Ulysses S Grant was appointed to survey and protect the president. 

The plan was to kill the whole administration which is why four top officials were chosen. Booth believed that killing the top officials would lead the Republican party into chaos and give a chance to confederates to reassemble. But, this act made him a hero of many people who were the victims of four Brutal years of war. This is the reason people of Philadelphia leave a penny on his grave. As per their tradition, A penny you own is still a part of you in spirit. 

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