Educationwhen you display food in Ice the food must

when you display food in Ice the food must


1: when you display food in Ice the food must

  1. Be 35° f (1.6°c) or colder
  2. Be 41° f (5°c) or colder
  3. Be 45° f (7.2°c) or colder
  4. Sit on top of the Ice

Answer: The correct answer is B.


Ice is considered the best way to chill and store food, especially seafood. No doubt, using Ice for chilling food has more advantages than other chilling methods like refrigerators and insulators. Ice will always give you the best results than others. And because of this, the majority of food industries prefer to use Ice to chill and store their food. Whether you are keeping salad, fish, or other seafood, Ice is the best method for chilling.

There are many reasons behind considering Ice to chill food over other methods. One of the major reasons behind the same is that Ice is cheaper than other methods. You can get it from the market at a reasonable cost. So, it is a feasible method to chill food as compared to other food chilling methods. Along with this, there is one more benefit of using Ice that it changes the temperature of the food to that level that bacteria and germs could not grow in the food. And the food remains clean and safe to eat for a long. There are more benefits of using Ice to chill food which you can enjoy when you chill the food at the suggested temperature, which is 41° f (5°c) or colder.

Benefits of Using Ice

There are many benefits of using Ice to chill food. We have already mentioned some of them in the above section. As we have mentioned earlier that Ice is easy to afford, and it does not let bacteria and germs grow in the food that making food remain fresh for long. With these advantages, there are more benefits of chilling food with Ice. If you chill food with Ice, the Ice will help the food to retain its moisture which could not be done with other methods. Additionally, there will be no cooler or warmer spots, and the food will be chilled uniformly.

Therefore, we can say Ice is the best method to chill seafood, salad, etc. We recommend Ice because it has better cooling efficiency and offers features like Moisture Retention, Temperature Regulation, Convenient, and Temperature regulations. The only thing that you have to look upon is the temperature. You have to look at the temperature of the Ice on which you are storing your food. Make sure it should be 41° f (5°c) or colder.

So, this was all the information that was necessary to know before using Ice to chill your food. However, it does not include any challenging task, but you have to be a little careful about the temperature of the Ice. The temperature of the Ice when you display food in Ice the food must be 41° f (5°c) or colder.


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