OutdoorWhat is Trending in The World of Pools?

What is Trending in The World of Pools?

The start of a new year necessitates a few modifications to our homes, including interior redesign and a look at new pool trends to improve the appearance of your pool. As with fashion and interior design, changing trends frequently influence pool perspectives. 

Here are the most recent swimming pool trends:

A Dark Pool Finishing

What about a backyard that reminds you of a tropical lagoon? A recent shift has been toward this style’s preferred dark interior finish. As dark hues are better at retaining heat, this is also a cost-effective strategy for keeping your pool warm.

An Integrated Bar and Ledges

We no longer believe that having a pool is solely for exercise and fitness; in reality, this is our preferred location for entertaining guests. During the summer, a deep dive into the pool to cool down with a family is common in Australia. So, having built-in bars and ledges will make lounging much more comfortable, and this will immediately provide you with more possibilities than having only rafts and pool floats.

Pools Of Intermediate Depth

While the pool’s deep end is still a standard feature, shallower pools are becoming more popular. Remember that these serve more of a recreational purpose than a swimming one. Yet, this does not preclude using these pools for physical activity; you may still engage in water sports or aerobics there while providing a relaxing atmosphere for your guests.

The Usage of Smart Lighting

If you still use a single hue to illuminate your pool, you need to upgrade your pool with the latest lighting options. You can choose multicoloured lights, ideal for a pool party or a romantic evening by the pool. All of this may be accomplished remotely while wowing your guests.

Additional Features Near the Pool

Water and fire features are also a recent trend in swimming pools; you can use just one, or if you want to go the additional mile, you can include both. Some fire and water features besides your oasis give your pool visual appeal and make your backyard look fascinating.

There are many ideas to explore with these elements, ranging from a small waterfall, water fountain, and fire pots beside the pool to creating the ideal atmosphere for evening relaxation by your pool.

Mineral Pools

These pools are often found in areas with natural hot springs, but they can also be constructed using mineral-rich water sources. In recent years, mineral pools have become a growing trend in the wellness industry, with many people seeking out these pools for their alleged health benefits. Advocates of mineral pools claim that soaking in mineral-rich water can help to improve circulation, reduce muscle tension, alleviate joint pain, and promote relaxation.

Many different types of mineral pools are available, ranging from public hot springs to private spa pools. Some mineral pools are also infused with essential oils or other natural ingredients to enhance their therapeutic properties.

Plunge Pools

Plunge pools are often found in backyards or outdoor areas and are designed for relaxation, cooling off in hot weather, or even therapeutic purposes. Plunge pools require less maintenance, are easier to clean, and can be used year-round in many climates.

Additionally, plunge pools are often seen as a stylish and modern addition to outdoor spaces and can help improve a property’s overall aesthetic. They can also be customised to fit various designs and styles, making them versatile for any outdoor environment.


These modern trends must have given you the next idea for your pool, so why not try something a little different? Make your backyard the go-to chill location when guests visit and your relaxation space when you decompress after a hard day.

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