BlogWhat Is The Best Video Intercom System For Business Security?

What Is The Best Video Intercom System For Business Security?

A commercial video intercom with a camera serves as an entry system designed for commercial buildings transmitting both video and audio. That being said, tenants and visitors get the option of communicating through a video call. Commercial intercom systems also come with the door release empowering tenants to open the door remotely. Commercial video intercoms offer one-way or two-way video. In this regard, it can be said that the intercom with one-way video lets the tenant see the visitor during a video call. The visitor doesn’t get the option to see the tenant. A two-way video intercom system lets the tenants and visitors see each other.

A wireless video intercom door camera station requires a wireless internet connection and lets you monitor the space under supervision remotely. The best part of these systems is that they are compatible with Android and iOS devices. With these monitoring devices, you will get the PIN keypad, motion detection, tamper alarm functions, night vision IR lamp, and more features. Capture images, remotely unlock the door, and connect to multiple doorbells.

Features of these systems:

  • key features of the intercom are as follows:
  • Remote access management
  • Access to door release event history
  • Virtual keys as shareable QR codes
  • Remote unlocking using a mobile app
  • Two-way video calling

Leading security solutions offer room for easy integration with multiple devices and property management software platforms. With these systems, you will get the Broad touchscreens with steel casings. Remote elevator access management is also available via a mobile app. AI-enabled voice controls make the commercial intercom system even better. What you need to note while buying these systems is that they have different requirements for commercial applications. But the system is the most favorable option in terms of performance, reliability, and functionality.

Remarkable benefits of getting the video intercom systems

Security –office entry intercom systems let only authorized visitors access the building. The system provides a strong method for validating visitors’ identities. Video intercom systems for minding the businesses have a clear advantage over audio or telephone-based systems.

Support for numerous users – Commercial buildings witness higher numbers of individual users. When it comes to the multi-tenant buildings, the areas are vulnerable to the visitors visiting the different companies or different departments. In this regard, it can be said that the intercom system for a commercial office holds the capacity and the resilience to handle numerous access requests.

Centralized management –local office intercom systems linked to a centralized management system provide consistent standards of security. These systems also present the record of office intercom and activity associated with the visitor access. Indoor or outdoor wireless intercom systems for businesses provide touchless hands-free voice activation that is highly favorable for keyless door entry. There won’t be a need for touching a screen or inputting any personal information.

Flexibility – Commercial intercom systems offer visitors a choice of authorization methods. Besides serving the objective of supporting voice or video authentication, entry intercom systems for businesses also provide visitors f with PINs or QR codes that simplify access.

Final words

Commercial video intercom systems or video intercom systems for businesses serve as the integral element of a smart property management solution. Installation of the office video intercom systems is necessary as they get easily integrated with other forms of access control. They play the role of providing consistent and centralized management of building-wide security technology.

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