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5 Key Things to Implement in Your Email Newsletter

For any brand email newsletters are a critical way to maintain relationships with subscribers and grow your customer base. It can be difficult to find the best way to curate email newsletters. As your brand grows this can be made easier with the use of an email automation service like klaviyo email marketing agency. Especially for 7figure+ ecommerce brands working with Klaviyo can quickly help you see a return on your investment through an automated email newsletter campaign. In fact, most brands see a $42 ROI for every dollar invested in an email marketing campaign. 

By following these simple steps you can quickly see an influx of sales from something as simple as sending out  effective email newsletters. 

  1. Develop a Brand Voice 

Use the same voice and tone you’ve developed in curating your brand. Make sure you sound like a real person addressing a friend. When people subscribe to your newsletter they enjoy the content you create. The more personal you can make an automated newsletter feel the more likely people are to stay subscribed. When your content is organic and engaging you create a genuine relationship with your customers ensuring they will continue to shop with your company and share your products with friends and family. 

  1. Have Great Copy and Design 

Poor copy in an email newsletter is an immediate turn off. The more polished, professional, and authentic your newsletter comes across the more likely you are to see a ROI. Rather than spend hours designing each email yourself, let the professionals curate the perfect email newsletter month after month. 

Klaviyo email marketing agency takes all the guesswork out of the process. They use data from past emails, customer interaction, and sales to help you produce the most ROI from all automated newsletters. Each email will have impeccable copy in a voice and tone that fits your brand. Plus, Klaviyo email marketing agency always includes large high quality images of products to ensure the visual experience of the email is enticing and polished. 

  1. Include a Call to Action 

Whether you are sending out a monthly update, a post purchase thank you, or a cart reminder you want to ensure your automated email includes a call to action for the customer. 

For example: in a thank you email you could include a 10% off coupon for the customers next purchase. By clicking on the link provided they would complete the call to action and save the coupon on their profile within your online store. This would then increase your ROI by bringing the customer back to shop in your store before the coupon expires. 

By working with Klaviyo email marketing agency they use analytical data to avoid all the guesswork involved with creating a call to action. Rather than wondering whether or not the links, sales, and blog posts you provide will bring about authentic customer engagement, Klaviyo uses data from past campaigns unique to your brand to encourage the highest rate of customer engagement.  

  1. Switch Up Content 

Sending out too many similar emails can be a huge turn off for subscribers. You want to make sure that the content you are putting out remains interesting and enticing so that you achieve high levels of customer engagement. Klaviyo email marketing agency ensures that automated emails of various types are set up to go to customers in different instances. 

  • Cart Abandonment Email: did the customer leave your site without checking out? An exciting automated email will go out with high quality imagery reminding them to complete their purchase. 
  • Browse Abandonment Email: for customers who spent time on your site but may not have added anything to their cart. Items and images will be based on what data was collected from customers as they browsed.
  • Newsletters: These should go out when there is something happening.  The could
    • Be organized around a blog post with information you hope to teach/share with your customers
    •  invite customers to join in an upcoming sale
    • Include a list of  best-selling items before the holidays. 
  • Post Purchase Email: will show gratitude when a customer has chosen to shop with your brand! These could include a coupon call to action as mentioned above or simply welcome the customer to the family. The more information Klaviyo email marketing agency can gather on your clients the more personal these post purchase and returning customer emails can become. 
  1. Consider Email Automation 

Choosing to work with Klaviyo email marketing agency will help you create personalized emails for your clients based on that data they collect over time. Since they work with hundreds of 7 figure + brands you can be assured that you will see a ROI by taking the guesswork out of your email newsletter marketing campaign. Klaviyo will use the data they collect to help you achieve the best ROI from implementing different and specific newsletter marketing strategies.

Final Thoughts:

With the tips and strategies outlined in this article, you can create effective email campaigns that resonate with your audience and drive results. You can increase engagement, loyalty, and revenue by sending targeted, personalized emails at the right time. Don’t wait – start using Shopify email automation to improve your customer experience today.

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