BlogWhat Are TikTok Rewards And How to Start Earning Them

What Are TikTok Rewards And How to Start Earning Them

Every app needs more users, and TikTok is no exception. The app that has been developed by the Chinese company ByteDance has about a billion users on the platform and this is all because of the ease of use and the simplicity that has been associated. The interesting part is that the app is not popular in China, and the short video content introduced has paved the way for many other apps as well. TikTok has introduced a rewards program that will not only allow you to redeem the awards on favorite stores but also ensures that you bring more people on board. If you have ever wondered what are gift points on TikTok and what rewards you can get, this article will guide you through the mechanism.

What Are TikTok Rewards?

Being simple, the app rewards you if you remain active on it and promote it among your friends and family members. The TikTok rewards are not money, but points that are equivalent to money and can be redeemed easily. There is no limit to points earned, and you can get the rewards daily as a result of your efforts. It can also be regarded as a growth strategy by the application, and it is a win situation for both the parties. The referral program of this application is cool and has received a very positive response from the public.

How Can I Sign Up for the Points?

It is too easy for you to sign up for the points, as the process and application itself are very simple to operate. Follow the two-step process below to get the work done:

1.       Open the application and at the bottom right, hit the “Me” icon.

2.       Tap on the blue star on the screen, and you are redirected to the rewards page.

In case the blue star is unavailable on your profile, you can navigate to the search page and type rewards, and then click on the blue stars to get to the rewards page.

Value of the TikTok Reward Points

The TikTok rewards points are a virtual currency that has real value and can be used like any other currency. To earn $1 you need to collect 200 TikTok points, so the math is simple. For every referral that downloads the application using your link, you get $5. If all the daily tasks are completed, you get 120 points or $4.2 every week. There are a lot of essentials that you can use the points for like shopping, cab rides, coffee, and the list goes on. If you have earned 1000 points you will get a $10 gift card and for every 3000 points a $15 card.


The drawback is that most people are not aware of TikTok rewards and hence they do not use it. It is a useful mechanism that has something for everyone. Just to be clear, the program is completely different from TikTok testers and both are not to be confused. You can easily earn money and redeem gifts if TikTok is something you love to use and refer to your friends. With a massive audience already on the platform, it is not hard to promote the application. Get your friends on the platform and enjoy cool benefits.

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