TechVMware Recovery: Recover Data from VMware Disks

VMware Recovery: Recover Data from VMware Disks

VMware is renowned as the leading provider of virtual environment platforms, offering users a range of powerful tools to create and manage Virtual Machines (VMs). Among these tools is VMware Data Recovery, a built-in solution designed to facilitate data backup and management. In this article, we will explore the capabilities of VMware Data Recovery, discuss its limitations, and introduce an alternative solution for comprehensive VM data recovery.

What is VMware Data Recovery (VDR)?

VMware Data Recovery (VDR) is a utility tool integrated within the vSphere suite, enabling users to perform data backups and retrieve their crucial VM files through a user-friendly interface. However, it’s important to note that starting from vSphere v5.1 and subsequent versions, VMware discontinued support for VDR. Therefore, for users operating on vSphere 5.1 or later versions, a third-party VMware Data Recovery software tool is required for backing up VM data.

What Can VMware Data Recovery Do?

During its active period, VMware Data Recovery functioned as a plugin for vSphere, necessitating its installation on systems already equipped with the vSphere suite client. Additionally, VDR worked seamlessly with the OVF template, allowing for easy VM deployment in the backup and restore environment. Although VMware Data Recovery boasted a simple and efficient interface, along with features like agentless backup, Changed Block Tracking (CBT), and data deduplication, it lacked the advanced capabilities found in other VM data recovery/backup software applications. Consequently, VDR primarily catered to individual users and small businesses.

Alternative Solution: DiskInternals VMFS Recovery

Given the limited functionality of VMware Data Recovery (VDR) and its discontinuation, IT experts have widely recognized DiskInternals VMFS Recovery as the premier full-featured solution on the market. With over 18 years of industry experience, DiskInternals VMFS Recovery has proven to be a reliable choice for VMware data recovery. Compatible with Windows OS and Windows Server OS, this software provides a comprehensive set of advanced features, guided by an intuitive recovery wizard.

Recover Data from VMware Disk

Virtual machines store their data in a storage directory on the host computer, which is typically running Windows OS, Linux OS, or macOS. If you encounter difficulties launching your VMs, it is advisable to investigate the storage directory where the VM files are stored. VMware saves its files in the “VMDK” format, and the deletion or loss of these files can prevent the virtual machine from launching. DiskInternals VMFS Recovery offers a viable solution of VMware recover, allowing you to regain access to your VMs and resume operations seamlessly.

How to Use DiskInternals VMFS Recovery

To begin using DiskInternals VMFS Recovery, download the software from the official website and install it on a functioning Windows PC. The software is compatible with Windows OS versions 7.0 and up, including Windows Server OS from 2003 onwards.

  1. Launch VMFS Recovery and connect the disk containing the corrupted VMDK files you wish to recover.
  2. The Recovery Wizard will initiate automatically, guiding you through the recovery process. Choose the disk and select either Fast Recovery Mode or Full Recovery Mode, depending on your needs.
  3. Allow DiskInternals VMFS Recovery to scan the disk and detect all previously saved files. The scan results will display both existing and deleted/lost files, with the latter marked by a red asterisk.
  4. Preview the recovered files, and if you wish to save them to another storage device, consider upgrading to DiskInternals VMFS Recovery Pro. In cases where the desired files are not found, you can opt for DiskInternals Guided Repair Service, which offers expert assistance for a complete recovery.

While VMware Data Recovery (VDR) provided valuable data backup functionality in the past, its discontinuation and limited features have necessitated the search for alternative solutions. DiskInternals VMFS Recovery has emerged as the top choice, offering advanced features, compatibility with Windows OS, and an intuitive recovery wizard. With DiskInternals VMFS Recovery, you can effectively recover lost or deleted VMware files, ensuring the smooth operation of your virtual machines.

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