BusinessUndeniable Benefits of using Google Analytics 

Undeniable Benefits of using Google Analytics 

As a website owner, having Google Analytics is essential as you get to monitor different metrics, such as pages per session or bounce rates. You only need to set up the Google Analytics plug in on your website, and you are good to go as it is free. 

Google Analytics makes it possible for you to understand the users’ behaviors as they browse through your site, and it gives various metrics depending on your preference filters, for example, location. 

If you are using a WordPress theme, you can easily access Google Analytics from your dashboard and here are the benefits.

Monitoring traffic

It is the most obvious benefit of using Google Analytics, and you might already know this. You need access to traffic metrics, for example; the sources such as email links, advertisement campaigns, search engine results or social media platforms. 

It is a good indicator of your ad campaigns, SEO and the brand’s strength. The information is critical to analyze the roi on websites. As an owner you might want to know how effective your investment was and improve on various aspects such as keyword usage. You can then optimize your efforts to get a steady traffic stream.

Analyzing keywords

Keywords form a critical part of SEO, and it is useful to analyze how they are influencing the search traffic. Google Analytics ranks keywords in the order in which they influence search traffic so users click on your website’s URL. 

You can then modify or continue with the SEO strategy you are using depending on the results. It is helpful for customizing ad campaigns, as you can know the best keywords to use, and those to avoid.

Knowing the users

Users are of different demographics and have varying behavior. With Google Analytics, you can know the most popular sources of your traffic, and the users demographics, including gender, age and location and other factors such as whether they are returning or new, and the devices they are using like tablets, mobile and desktop. 

It makes it easier for you to adjust your marketing plan and adapt your website effectively, says Alpha Efficiency. Understanding user behavior is important to modify aspects such as design, or even add more target functionalities.

Identifying referrals

Referrals are those websites that direct traffic to your website. It gives you an insight on which sites are the biggest sources of your website and it boosts the site’s search engine ranking because they are classified as inbound links. 

It boosts the credibility and quality of your traffic. You can use Google Analytics with Google Webmaster to get more detailed reports on the traffic sources. 

If you have a high referral traffic, it shows that the site is performing well, as other websites value your content or the products and services that you offer.

Differentiating visitors

The website traffic is divided into two categories, the returning and new customers. You need an insight into the numbers, and it shows the website’s performance. 

For example, if you have many returning customers, it shows that they appreciate your content, and it can easily lead to high conversion rates. You need to keep a steady balance between the two types of visitors by using social media, having a subscription based model or creating awesome content.


Google Analytics gives you a good overview on the success of your online marketing campaign, through a website. The combination of best practices for attracting more traffic on your website, such as SEO or PPC campaigns, makes it possible to gain more customers, and you need to track the progress through Google Analytics. You can then understand whether it was worth your investment.

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