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Top Whisky Distillery Tour Etiquette Tips You Should Know

So, you’ve finally decided to take a whisky distillery tour. Congratulations! At last, you will taste a myriad of whisky brands which will help you choose one that you love. However, it’s important to understand the etiquette that is expected during a whisky distillery tour. 

Whether it’s in a local pub or you will be going to a micro-distillery, a certain etiquette will be expected, and will help make your tour more enjoyable. 

Here are some helpful whisky distillery tour tips and tricks for every whisky lover.

Make an appointment in advance

Don’t just show up at the distillery tour without making an appointment. Irrespective of your status in the community, calling them in advance will allow the tour organizers to make proper arrangements and ensure you have a great experience. Also, don’t show up at odd hours unannounced. Showing up with no reservation – especially with several other whisky lovers in tow – will just ruin the tasting bar.

Don’t Touch the Equipment

Of course, you will be visually attracted to the shiny, copper-based stills. They are very cute. However, avoid touching them. Some of these stills may be running hot, which can end up injuring you. Avoid dipping your fingers into the fermentation cisterns. You should only dip your fingers if you have explicit permission from the tour operator in charge.

Leave Past Bad Experiences Behind

Have you ever been sick after drinking too much whisky in college? Did you once make a drink with whisky and it was awful? Well, this isn’t the time to bring it up. Keep previous bad experiences to yourself while on the tour, and embrace the experience with an open mind. It’s all about adventure. Maybe, you got it wrong during the cocktail-making process. Spirits take a lot of time, effort, as well as dedication to produce, so be sure to treat the staff with respect and good manners. 

Just Sip

You may be tempted to shoot the product — especially if you love whisky. However, this is a fun activity meant for trying new things. Thus, sipping is the best way to taste your whisky. Make your sips small, or you could end up feeling a bit tipsy by the end of your. This isn’t a drinking spree. Remember, you need to be sober to taste the nuances in the different brands. 

It’s All About Being Diplomatic

It’s natural to dislike certain brands. Remember, not every whisky brand will appeal to each person’s palate. However, it’s still important to be polite and diplomatic. Simply let the staff know that you would prefer to taste the next whisky on the tour. 

Be Ready to Learn

Of course, you may have more experience when it comes to tasting whisky than the next person. However, being condescending or brazen with your knowledge and experience won’t make you the master of whisky. After all, there may be whisky chief distillers in the room. There is always more to learn when it comes to whisky, so approach the experience with an open mind.

Don’t Bargain

Making whisky is a complicated process. It takes time, resources, passion and effort. Thus, it’s important to respect the pricing. Don’t start bargaining. The price is final.

The Bottom-Line

Whisky is good, and it feels good to enjoy a nice whisky with friends. One of the best ways to gain more knowledge and broaden your palate is by taking a distillery tour. During the tour, whisky tasting should be done the right way so that everyone involved has a good time. So, before booking your next whisky tasting party, master the above distillery tour tips and enjoy the experience!

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