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Top 6 Durable Vape Mods Of 2022

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As we are approaching the new year, many of us continue to embrace the vaping culture, increasing the demand for vape gear. Shopping for vape gear can be challenging, especially for beginners. They may opt for a device that consists of a mod battery, tank, coils, rubber rings, and a charging cable.

Notably, you can purchase many different vape gears to meet your needs. An example is vape mods which come with various stylish features designed to satisfy all types of vapers. You can try durable vape mods such as;

Aspire Zelos Mod 3

The Zelos 3 comes with impressive features making it a popular choice. The mod has a huge battery capacity which allows it to last for a long time. Recharging the mod takes up a few hours due to its improved charging port. 

Other features present in the mod include a wattage mode, voltage mode, and bypass mode. Besides, temperature control, among different modes, improves the user experience. Due to its safety modes, buyers can use the Zelos without worrying about their battery overheating or exploding. It is also dustproof, which prevents particles from entering your gear.

Notably, it would be best to change your vape mod coil to prevent your vape mod from getting damaged regularly. There are many signs which will help you know whether your coil requires change.

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Eleaf Istick Power 2

Eleaf has a durable internal battery with a vast capacity allowing users to save on purchasing external batteries frequently. Moreover, recharging the device takes up a few hours, and once you charge your device, you can vape for many days. 

Eleaf Istick has a perfect wattage for the Mouth-lung and Direct lung vaping method. You only need to recharge your device fully before using it. 

GeekVape Aegis Legend 2

GeekVape is a unique and valuable gear that is highly durable. It has shockproof and dustproof, suitable for users who live in arid areas. Besides, it also has ingress protection enabling the mod to withstand being in deep waters.

GeekVape uses external batteries that are easily accessible. To save on your battery usage, you can put your device in the night-on-indestructible mode, regulating power consumption.

Innokin Z50

Users looking for a good, simple, and durable vape mod can go for the Innokin Z50, which has a sturdy design. Although the vape mod is small, it has a huge battery capacity and a high wattage enabling users to vape for several hours. You can use the Innokin Z50 for the Mouth to Lung or the Direct Lung vaping method. 

The mod comes with a unique feature; it has a power master button at the base, preventing users from accidentally lighting up their vape mods while in their pockets.

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Vaporesso Gen S

Vaporesso Gen S comes with a stylish and unique design that attracts many users. The vape mod has two batteries which make it powerful. Moreover, it has high wattage enabling users to produce more vapor. 

Notably, it has a USB-C charging port which allows it to charge fast. An Axon Chip is present, protecting the battery from overheating or exploding. The pulse mode boosts your coil, which increases the energy in your coil, allowing you to feel a boost of flavor each time you vape. 

Lost Vape Grus

The Grus mod uses external batteries that are easily accessible. Although it is a single-battery mod, it has a high wattage. Besides, the vape mod consists of a temperature control mode suitable for wire materials like stainless steel and Nichrome, preventing your vape mod from experiencing a short circuit. It also has a power protection feature for weak batteries and overheating issues.

 You can recharge your vape mod within a few minutes due to its fast-charging system. The Lost Vape Grus is suitable for users who prefer external battery mods.

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Other mods you can purchase.

  • VooPoo Drag X Plus is a durable, stylish mod with desirable features. It has a huge battery capacity and an impressive power output enabling users to vape for long hours. 
  • JAC Vapour S22 has an integrated battery that is easy to recharge. The gear is user-friendly, making it a suitable option for beginners. 
  • Vaporesso Target Mini 2 has a great OLED screen, enabling users to get a clear view of the components inside their gear; hence they can monitor whether or not there is enough vape juice. It also has a huge battery capacity allowing users to use the gear for many hours.


Getting the right vape mod is the first step to enjoying your vaping experience. You can get any mod listed above from online or physical stores. Beginners can purchase these gears to give them a positive vaping experience. I hope this article has been helpful and insightful and that you now have better knowledge of how to find a vape mod that is right for you!

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